Chapter 1

Chubby Teen Discrimination: The Latest Incident

As most of you know I do a local youth theater, and I've done everything imaginable with that theater group. Gone to their summer camps, counseled their summer camps, done countless shows, worked backstage in countless shows, done publicity events, you name it, I've done it!

Next point to address, I stand at just barely 5'8" and I weigh 170 LBS. Clearly, I am chubby, but not like morbidly obese or unhealthy. Just chubby.

So everytime I'm in a show, the costumers always have to either extend my costume to make it fit me in either the legs or the waist, or have to go digging to find one that'll fit me. They hate me for it. Whenever we do a publicity event, I'm never asked to dress up like one of the characters at Disney World, I'm usually asked to paint faces even though they know I'm a horrible artist. (And a lefty which makes everything harder...) There are girls who can paint and draw and even take classes, but are offered dressing up as princesses and heroines and great costumes! When Uncle Jordan emails whoever's running the event saying "JoJo would like to dress up if she could" I'm always the Cat in the Hat or Mrs. Potts. Never a princess despite being a dead ringer for Merida, which we have a costume for, never a heroine like Alice in Wonderland, or Wendy from Peter Pan, or Dorothy or the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz.

Here's something else to mention, hair color/texture, eye color, skin tone, freckles, are never into picking characters. Our Ariels are never red heads and they don't wig them or dye their hair. I have naturally auburn hair, but since "Oh JoJo you're too tall for the tail and we'd have to let out the shell bra" I get stuck being a face painter or the Cat in the Hat.

The adults running these events apparently think that it's not worth it to have kids who actually look like the characters, dress as them, even if it means doing a little extra work. So instead we have them explain to little kids "Oh I'm (Insert Character)" Rather then just put in a little more effort.

To confess, our Wendy told me that she would rather be painting faces, and I'd rather be Wendy. We asked to switch but we were told, "JoJo doesn't fit Wendy as much as you do, so she's gonna stay in the face painting booth. Besides, she's the same height as our Peter" Turns out, they had to pin the dress to make it fit the girl dressing as Wendy. If we took out the pins, I could fit the dress and it would only be a little short, and a little snug. Small sacrifice.

Is anyone else appalled by this? That skinny and petite is so drastically prefered over curvy and tall that adults are willing to discriminate a 9th grade girl? What do I do about this? Should I do anything? HELP ME!!!

Lastly, Uncle Jordan and his boyfriend Derek came up with this idea over dinner at Bahama Breeze moments ago. Jordan remembered when I was 9 I had a Minnie Mouse baseball cap that I wore at Disney World, that we still have in my room. Derek remembered me a red and white Minnie Mouse shirt. I have solid red shorts, a Minnie Mouse apron that matches the shirt and shorts, and white lace socks, plus Mickey Mouse sneakers. There's liquid eyeliner in the cabinet from when I did Shrek: the Musical back in April, that I could draw whiskers with. They suggested I do all that, and show up looking like Minnie Mouse so I'm still a character and not a known chubby character like Mrs. Potts or a goofy, zainey one like the Cat in the Hat. It's a little girls fantasy character, should I do it?

---------XOXO Lovest JoJo


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