Hetalia Roleplay

Chapter 1

Anyone left here?

Anyone want to do a Hetalia roleplay? I feel like everyone is gone and my tablet is dead so I'm bored.

If you don't like OCs,

Character: France
Ships: Fruk and/or ScotFra

If You do like OCs


Name: Willow Train
Country: Panem
Age: 157, looks 16 to 17 due to her countries physical youth
Appearance. Because her capital is so dominate, she takes on some of the characteristics of Capital people. Her skin has a slight silver tint and she wears gold contacts. Her hair is an electric blue. She strangely doesn't wear it in an odd fashion, and chooses to let it hang looses or ties it in a bun. She stands tall for a woman at 5'8". Her clothes are as exotic as her looks and would seem alien like to others.
The district attributes to her appearance include physique. She has taken over the Career body type because "if [she] is not in shape, [she] will die."
Personality: She's rather stubborn and can be a bit sadistic at times. She finds amusement from people fighting, but would rather someone else do it than her. She can be a bit awkward at interacting with people and can come off as a bit selfish, weird, abrasive, and rash. She's deadly loyal to her president but is often heard bad mouthing him under her breath. She doesn't like to be told what to do, but she will usually obey a superior unless provoked.
America-Technically her father, the district side of her causes her to have great admiration and love for him
France-Her capital side loves his more colorful personality, her district side his more down to earth personality
Belarus, Prussia, Russia, China, Scotland
England-As a rival of France, she nearly naturally doesn't like him
Love Interests


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