Songs That Suit My Life

Okay so I will have the name of the Songs, the Artists, and the Lyrics.
Some of these songs you as the reader can relate to right now in your lives or in your past. I am not going to explain why they related to my life unless I get atleast 5 comments and 20 reads. Although I will if you message me privetly tell you if you give me the name of the song.

Chapter 1

Table of Context

Chapter 2: I'm Just A Kid - Simple Plan
Chapter 3: Welcome To My Life - Simple Plan
Chapter 4: Perfect - Simple Plan
Chapter 5: Me Against The World - Simple Plan
Chapter 6: Crazy - Simple Plan
Chapter 7: Numb - Linkin Park
Chapter 8: No Love - Simple Plan
Chapter 9: This Song Saved My Life - Simple Plan
Chapter 10: The Last One Standing - Simple Plan
Chapter 11: Hands Held High - Linkin Park
Chapter 12: Wanted - Hunter Hayes
Chapter 13: Outta My System - Simple Plan
Chapter 14: Waiting For Superman - Daughtry
Chapter 15: Undefeated - Daughtry
Chapter 16: Beautiful With You - Halestorm
Chapter 17: Stitches - Shawn Mendes

Reference: All lyrics were taken by:

APA Reference:
(2000). Retrieved 2015, from

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