Quibblo's Idol Contest (Winner announced!)

Hello and welcome to Quibblo's biggest contest!

Quibblo's Idol!

Chapter 1

Biggest contest ever on Quibblo!

by: _othuna
Please read till the end

The QOrgTeam members are organizing the Quibblo idol contest.
This contest will give the title of Quibblo's Idol to the most perfect Quibblonian here :)
The winner will be selected based on many skills, like Authoring, Quiz Quality, Grammar, Personality, and other skills.

The Judges are angel52, IzzyWizzk, Alexis117, Squirtle831, Giving_Smiles and evybye77

Entering is closed

After you enter, you will be interviewed, and the judges will check your Bio, Quizzes Quality, Stories/etc. after that the judges will choose 10 contestants that will proceed to the finals!

The finals are a Tournament, with 9 rounds:
In each round, you will be assigned a task (For example: create a quiz or story about something specific) and based on this task, Other Quibblonians will vote in a poll for who did this task best. the one who gets the least votes will be eliminated.

and after each round, one Quibblonian will be eliminated, until on Quibblonian remains, he/she will be the winner, and will get the title of "Quibblo's idol"! :)

Good Luck!

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