Group Story? (Please Read!)

Chapter 1

Group Story Idea

by: BackAgain
So, I decided to get this account rolling with a group story. I hope you like the idea, and please sign up!

The X Factor is a singing competition that is held each year seeking to find the next biggest star in the music industry. It's produced soloists and groups such as Olly Murs, JLS, and One Direction. For five young singers, it's the opportunity of a lifetime. Each auditioned as solo artists, and all were put together in a band. With hardly a moment to collect themselves, they were preparing for boot camp, fighting to get as far in the competition as possible. With possible love interest, behind the scenes arguments, and vocal sicknesses, these five teens were promised a bumpy ride to their futures.

This takes place in 2011, the judges are Gary Barlow, Louis, Tulisa, and Kelly


Age: (16-19)
Town/City: (must be in UK)
Music Idols:
Instrument?: yes/no; (guitar, base, keyboard, drums, etc)

Name: Skylar Brooklyn Aldaine
Nickname(s): Skye
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Family: Mum: Cassandra, Dad: Ryder, Stepdad: Nathaniel Brother: Calvin (19), half-sister: Kathryn (5)
Town/City: Arklow, Ireland
Appearance: wavy, light brown hair, pale skin, freckles across nose, green eyes, 5'4", 120 lbs, narrow shoulders, slim, medium length legs
Personality: appears shy at first but slowly evolved into a cheeky type, fun loving, big dreamer, clever rather than smart, impish, cute, a hugger, full of love for family and friends, loyal, very stubborn at times, fiery, defensive, eager to prove someone wrong, slightly insecure but building up confidence, protective over her friends and family, especially her younger half-sister
Music Idol(s): Demi Lovato
Instrument?: yes; guitar
Other: her parents divorced when she was 11, her mum remarried but her dad grew heavily dependent on alcohol and was sent to rehab for depression, her family scrambled for money at times and all she wanted was to make them, including her father, proud

Please sign up!

Lia ♥


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