QOrgTeam Advice Column (update)

Chapter 2

June 21, 2015

by: _othuna
so theres this guy that i like alot but he has a gf. so while we were at a party he just randomly kissed me!! i asked him why and he took me to a corner and said "i love you, and ive loved you for a long time" and i was like "wtf u have a gf" but he sed he dident care.. so i ignored it but the next day he was waitin by my locker like "so can i date u?" and I dident no what to say! i mean he cheated with his other gf and she STILL DOESNT NO so should i date him?? i meann hes super hot and rEALLY sweet aside from this and i actually kinda do want to date him...i havent had a bf be4 and it woodent be that bad.. what do u think?


Lovestruck and confused,
If you know he's cheating, you should confront him. You wouldn't want to date a cheater and have him do the same thing to you. Tell him you know he has a girlfriend and ask him if they've broken up already or are thinking about breaking up. If he doesn't care for his other girlfriend, I wouldn't date him. If he's bad enough to not care for another girl, you never know how he will treat you.


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