A Very Fairy(tale) Story

Chapter 1


The ball was loud, and smelled of cheese. But this was the prince's ball, and Arielle was determined to fit in. Being natural didn't come natural to her.

She took a deep breath and walked down the golden steps of the ballroom with her head held high. Some people stared. Why wouldn't they? She was stunning. She looked around.

Then, a man came up to her. "Hello! I'm Tony! What's your name?" He asked. Arielle smiled. "Arielle! Nice to meet you!" She said loudly. She shook his hand vigorously.

Tony laughed. "Aren't you bubbly? I like you! Care for a dance?" He offered Arielle his hand. She took it. They danced for a bit. Then, a girl walked up to Tony.

"Hi, you promised me a dance?" She barely whispered. She looked at Arielle. "Oh, hi." She whispered. Arielle smiled and extended her hand. "Arielle." The girl shook it. "Ro." She barely whispered. Tony and Ro walked off.

Arielle was left alone. She had a nice time, but maybe she should leave. Just then, two girls bumped the table over and spilled tea all over her. It was a new silk dress.

"Oops, sorry!" One of the girls said. Then they both laughed. Arielle was left wet. This was the worst ball ever. But it was her only ball she had ever been to. So it was her best ball ever, too.

She took a deep breath and walked up the golden steps of the ballroom with her head held low. Some people stared. Why wouldn't they? She was soaked.

Then out of nowhere, a young girl ran up to her. "Whoa, whoa, whoa! What happened? Tea mishap? I hate tea. I NEVER SAID THAT! I'm Lily by the way." She then took Arielle by the arm. "C'mon, I can help."

She led Arielle through a maze of hallways and finally came to the restroom. Lily did not hesitate to pull almost all of the toilet paper off the roll. Then, she wiped Arielle's dress down. As she was doing that, she talked.

"So, red. Didn't get a name." Arielle smiled. "Arielle. Thanks by the way." Lily threw the toilet paper in the trash. "No problem at all! Always here when you need me!"

So they spent the rest of the evening together. That was the best ball of Arielle's life. But also the worst. And also the longest...and also the shortest.


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