Cracked Thoughts (Diary-type story)

I am just in the mood for writing, hope you enjoy it.

Kinda off what I am going through at the moment

Chapter 1

First morning of hell

Another weekend gone bye, not sure where, but gone. Another Monday morning. Another day of the same boring routine. Go to school, sit tests, learn nothing, go home, do homework then sleep. My life is very boring.

I wait outside my house for the bus to come, I hate public transport. Standing on a cramped bus for 45 minutes to get to school. Once I arrive I go to my normal sitting place with my normal set of friends. One of my best friends is this guy named Jake, he is tall and intelligent. Lately there have been rumors going around that I like Jake and that we are going out. If I find who has been spreading these rumours, well... well. Lets just say they should watch out.

So I met Jake and my other freinds Scarlett and Hailey. We sit on benches out side the art department, but when it gets to cold we go to the cooking block. Well Jane walks by "Hey guys I am going to the cooking block if anyone wants to come." Her long blonde hair falling perfectly on her shoulders.
"It's not even that cold" I protest
"What are you on about, it is freezing" Jane snarles
"Yeah it is a bit cold" Scarlett says
"Fine leave me then" I call as they walk away.
At least I still have Jake and Hailey to talk to. Hailey pulls out her phone and starts playing a game, leaving me and Jake to entertain each other. We talked for about five minutes about nothing in particular until one of our friends Michael comes along.
"Hey Michael" I say enthusiastically
"Hi Lucy" He replies. "Where is Jane?"
"In the cooking block" I reply
"Ok see ya" He says as he walks away.

I continue to talk to Jake for a while until Jane, Scarlett and Michael come back to join us. "Hey Hailey, can we talk to you?" Jane asks
"Of course" Hailey says as she picks up her bag leaving Jake and I alone.
"What do you think they're talking about?" I ask my voice filled with curiosity
"I don't know?" He replies
"I wonder, have you noticed they have been acting strange recently?"
"Yeah kinda" Jake admits "Oh look it Amber"
"Hi Amber" I say but she walks straight past me, barely even acknowledging my existence. She walks straight into where all the others are. I watch them with intent, they occasionally look back at us.
"Do you think they are talking about us?" Jake whispers
"Probably." I shrug
The bells rings time for me to get to my first class.
"Math" I groan to Jake, "Math on a Monday morning."


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