Please Read!  This Cause Is Very Important To Me!

Please Read! This Cause Is Very Important To Me!

Chapter 1

End Revenge Porn

Hey guys (or people if you find using the term "guys" as an androgynous term to be particularly offensive). Some of you may have heard of revenge porn, and others may not have. So, first and foremost, here's what it is:

Revenge porn is basically when someone posts nude photos and videos of someone publicly in order to hurt and humiliate them. For example, if someone asks or pressures someone else to send nude photos of themselves and the post it publicly.

What has made me think about this cause recently is one of my favorite youtubers. Her name is Chrissy, and she has a youtube channel with her girlfriend called BriaAndChrissy, and they also share a vlogging channel together called Lesbian Love. I really love them and their content, and was very upset to hear that Chrissy had been a victim of revenge porn when her ex posted a non-consenual video of a non-consenual séx act.

Here is a video of her speaking about her story:

And here is what you can do:

Did you see the photo that I put above? This is a picture of Chrissy. To spread awareness about revenge porn and show your support for victims, please change one, some, or all of your social media profile pictures to that image.

Another thing that you may be able to do is sign the petition calling for a federal law against revenge porn in the U.S. Here is a link to the petition:

Also, just spread the word! Wherever, whenever and however you can, just spread awareness and fight against this! This type of thing happens way too often and people get away with this far too many times. Nothing is being done about this! Please, join me!


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