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Peace, Love
- Lennon

Chapter 2

Repost (what else can I say?)

1) What is your one goal in life? To invent a time machine!

2) Do you own any pets? Yes I have two cats! Lizzy and her half brother Oli.

3)Where are you from? New Zealand.

4) Best book ever? Forest of hands and Teeth and Virals.

5) Best film ever? I love so many! But the Minions movie was AMAZING! I saw it yesterday and it was hilarious! And the best part.... IT HAD A BEATLE CAMEO!!! IT WAS FREAKIN' BRILLIANT! XD AND THEY PLAYED A BEATLE SONG!!!! I REALLY WANT TO SAY WHAT THEY DID BUT.... SPOILERS! It just was epic!

6) Who are you crushing on? No one really. Just a dead, famous, legend from liverpool. Nothing out of the normal.

7) Are you in any clubs? Nope.

8) What are you reading for school? Nothing I'm homeschooled.

9) What are you reading for fun? Terminal it's a Viral book in the series.

10) Favourite food? Pizza and cornflakes!

11) Do you snort when you laugh? I do not.

12) Do you like cake? Well yeah, who doesn't? Its yum!

13) How often do you clean your room? Whenever it needs cleaning. Rarely though because I am very neat.

14) Are you a teenager? Yeah I am. Fourteen.

15) Do you go to church often? Yeah I go almost every week.

16) Have you seen Frozen yet? Yes I have. Three times. Once in the cinema with my friend ,once again with the same friend at her place and again on DVD at home.

17) What music do you like? Pretty much anything made by The Beatles. Ooh and Weird Al Yankovic! And some random songs by other artists.

18) Do you like to dance? I don't hate dancing but I do not dance. I don't draw unwanted attention to meself. Its like a rule I have.

19) What shoes do you wear most? Black Converse sneakers. It goes with everything.

20) Are you an avid sports fan? Well I was interested in soccer but now I can't be bothered.

21) Indoors or outdoors? I love the outdoors. But I don't go out. I stay inside and go on Youtube and rot. I do love being outside but there's nothing for me to do.

22) What is your favourite comic strip? Definitely Garfield or Lucky Luke.

23) Rock 'n' roll or pop? I like both. It depends on the song itself not the genre.

24) Will you ever want to get married? Yeah probably. But instead I'll probably be a workaholic. Or a cat lady. Maybe both.

25) Do you want kids? Just three will be fine. And maybe I'll adopt the last one making it four.

26) Do you wear a school uniform or not? Nope. I'm homeschooled I wear what I want to wear.

27) What's your fave album? I don't have any favourites.

28) What's the best TV show of all time? This is impossible. Do you know how many there are!? I like loads! I enjoy some crime police shows and some cartoons as well. I'm not picky.

29) Do you eat chocolate? Um... yeah. I don't eat it much though. Probably once a week. I miss it. sniffs

30) 20th century music or 21st century music? 20th century. Like I enjoy some 21st century songs but I prefer 20th mostly.

31) Are you allowed to wear make-up? Yeah I am allowed but I don't. make-up isn't my thing. Its just pointless. Just a waste of money.

32) What is your fave day of the week and why? I like Saturdays and Tuesdays. Saturdays because no schoolwork! Tuesday because every Tuesday we go to Homeschool Group and we do art and sports there which is fun.

33) Who is your favourite person to talk to? My bestie Lacey. I don't like talking. I prefer to just observe and don't say much. But I enjoy talking to Lacey.

34) Best website? Youtube! Its awesome.

35) How many people are in your family? Eight. Four boys, two girls, and two parents. I'm so lucky...

36) Ever been in hospital? Once. Its not what you think. I've never broken any bones and I've never hurt myself. I had to go and do surgery..... ear surgery.... instead of it being scary it was cool. They put me on anesthetic! It was so weird. I stayed there all day. Six a.m to ten p.m. It was an interesting experience. It was embarrassing though after....

37) What kind of theme is your room? Theme? Um... no theme. Just filled with stuff. Bits of paintings I made and that's it.

38) What are you afraid of? Afraid, let me think... I'm pretty much fearless. But... I am scared that all of my friends are pretending and that they secretly hate me so much.

39) What sports do you play? I used to play football. (soccer) it was fun. I was an amazing defender. Dad even gave me a nickname. Bulldog I loved seeing the boys faces when I do tackles and stuff like that. sighs happily good times.... but I don't know it got boring so I had a one year break and I just never went back.

40) What irritates you? Family. I never got along with anyone. Matthew the most. He is the worst. Always making smart comments and getting under my nerves. He is why I hate having meals. He always puts an insult and comment, every. Single. TIME. NEVER FAILS!

41) Most annoying YouTube video you've ever seen? I don't know, none really. I don't get annoyed easily.

42) What did you eat for breakfast? CORNFLAKES! I have it every day every morning, every breakfast. Its perfect.

43) What do you do during the weekend? Nothing really. Sometimes I go to Lacey's house or she goes to mine most of the time though I go to her house. But yeah we don't do picnics or all those "family activities".

44) Favourite juice? Well I like orange juice. And as for drinks I have to go with pepsi. Great for snorting. XD

45) What is your lucky number? That has to be three. I don't know why but I just do.

46) Favourite item of clothing? My green T-shirt. Its my favourite shade of green and it has these black spots on it, the ones that leopards have. Its awesome.

47) Time you have to be in bed by? Eleven o'clock. Since I'm homeschooled we don't have to start school work till around nine thirty. So we can stay up late. But I usually go to bed at ten. And I fall asleep by midnight. Eleven thirty if I'm lucky.

48) Are you in a relationship? laughs Yeah if fictional and with a dead man counts then yes.

49) Favourite insult? "You're a swine!" Thank you Johnny.

50) Favourite book character? Victoria Brennan from Virals I love her, she is so cool and so smart and I relate to her so much.

51) Do you bathe every day? No. I take a shower every.... now and then.

52) How long have you lived in your current house for? Um that will be about six years. counts fingers yeah about six or seven.

53) Favourite TV character? Hmm... Doctor Who is a tv show so Amelia Pond. Even though she's not on it now she was and so she is my favourite.

54) Favourite decade? 1960s. Go figure that one out.

55) Do you share a room with someone? Yes and no. I live in the spare living room by meself. But I sleep with my brothers in their room.

56) Who is the most annoying person you know? Everyone in this family.

57) What is your favourite motto/saying? Hmm I don't know pause "All you need is love." Even though its what I don't have. There is no love in this house.

58) What veggies do you like? Corn, carrots, cucumber, tomatos and potatos.

59) Who are your best mates? Lacey and Karis.

60) Who are your best guy friends? Josh and Jordan. I don't know much about Josh but he's so funny and I see him twice a week at church and youth group. I don't see Jordan anymore but I reckon we're still pretty good friends. Funny thing is they both start with J...

61) Do you read a lot? Not as much as I used to.

62) Is the Doctor real? Yeah of course he's real. The guy who invented Doctor Who met the real Doctor and made a tv show and since humans don't believe what they don't see, they think its impossible. But actually he's real.

63) What is on your bedspread? A purple and pink flowers. Bit girly but it looks okay.

64) What time is it where you are? 12:31 pm. I am going to have lunch later.

65) When did you wake up this morning? I woke up around seven thirty but I got up after eight.

66) Favourite dance move? I don't know.

67) What word do you say the most? Like I say it loads. Like I just say it every now and then. See? I did it just then! I don't type it often though. I say it.

68) Do you hate seeing the dentist? Nope. But I see why some people hate them. Some dentist are terrible. But I've never had a bad experience with a dentist.

69) If you have one wish what would you wish for? A time machine. So I can escape from this hellhole. And also so I can go back in time and see Shakespeare and more awesome historic figures. And then I'll go to the 1960s..... that will be great....

LAST QUESTION! What is your real name? Melody. I had to change my name to Rebecca and I wasn't met to find out and the parents don't know that I know. Its complicated.

And that is it! 70 questions about me! I guarantee you learned something. So that's it for now I'll see you awesome people later!

See you later!
Peace, Love
~ Lennon

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