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Peace, Love
- Lennon

Chapter 1

Childhood Repost

1. What decade did your childhood take place in?
That will be the early 00's.

2. What is your fave memory of being a kid?
Ugh my childhood was so hazy. I barely remember anything! I can remember bits and pieces, and I remember my old house and that we used to fly kites up and down our long driveway. But yeah I don't exactly have a favourite it was all good.

3. Who were your BFFs and do you still keep in contact with them?
Yeo this girl called Karis. Her family and my family went to the same church. And so I saw her every week and we still see each other at Homes School Group. (Its a home school organisation where we do sports and arts. like a mini school if you will.) Also I had this friend called Angel. She and I were quite close she even gave a stuffed toy cat which I loved so much. I have no idea where she is now or what she looks like. And funny enough I met them both at the same church.

4. What were your fave shows or at least ones you used to watch?
Well Vegetales were quite funny. (Some are still funny to be honest, but we don't watch them anymore) and I watched Hannah Montana (What happened Miley? WHY!?) The Sweet life of Zach and Cody they were my favourite. You know, all the good ol' Disney shows. And last but not least Home Improvement god I love that show! Tim Allen was my favourite actor by far. But now I don't have a fave actor really now, but he was hilarious in that show.

5. Which singers/bands did you use to listen to?
I rarely listened to music then. Just Hannah Montana pretty much. Yeah I only watched tv shows then, that was basically all I did.

6. What was your fave school grade in elementary school?
Well I would have to say spelling. I always enjoyed spelling. It was easy for me. :)

7. Who was your fave teacher?
I'm home schooled so I only had mum as a teacher and she doesn't suck at teaching.

8. What was the most embarrassing or dumbest thing you did that you regret now?
The dumbest thing I ever did was sucking my fingers. Then I wouldn't have needed my braces and waste money and save myself from a lot of hassle. Its so unfair, my older brother sucks his fingers and he still does but his teeth stayed perfect.

9. What did you want to be when you grew up?
I still loved animals as I do now. So at first I wanted to be a zookeeper, but I learned they also had to clean up poop and all that, so then I wanted to be a vet. And I kind of still want to be a vet. But I'm not sure if I will become one.

10. Looking back now, do you think you have changed a lot?
Totally! When I was younger I didn't cared about anything, I just did what I wanted and what made me happy. And I like new things now. And I looked quite different when I was younger to.

11. Do you still like some music or stuff because it holds nostalgia for you?
Well yeah kind of I still watch cartoons and if we still had Sky then I will watch all the shows I watched before. But then again most of them I watch now are new but I still enjoy a good cartoon series.

12. Do you miss your childhood?
Yeah, I kid of do. I liked my hair when I was six, it was pretty, smooth and golden. And I wish I remembered more of my childhood. More specifically that I remembered my aunt..... which I will never see again. And also I wasn't made fun of back then.

13. Would the younger kid version of you be proud of who you grew up to be?
No clue. Possibly. I bet she'll have mixed reactions about her future self. Like there are good things she will be proud of and some things she will be less proud of. But I wouldn't know. You will have to ask her.

14. If you had the opportunity to relieve your childhood but nothing changed and all the bad stuff stayed the same, would you do it?
Yeah I think I might.... or not... uh well no I don't want to but I do. Like.... can I just see my childhood again? Like on a tv or in a dream? Cos I wanna see my childhood again so I can see Stanley (my dead cat) and my aunt again. But I don't want to go through everything again. Just so I can see Stanley again.... I miss him.

15. What was your fave movie?
I liked so many movies! Hmm I suppose Lion King. I like the look of the animation they used and the story is amazing. And it has animals in it! And the songs were very catchy. Did you know that they used tiger roars instead of lion roars? And I like some other Disney movies as well.

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