Le Reposts!

My new repost book. :)
(Feel free to copy and paste these reposts and fill them in yourself!)

Chapter 1

My Childhood Repost

1. What decade did you childhood take place in?
I was born mid-2000 so I'm an early 00's baby! :)

2. What is your fave memory of being a kid?
Having boys sleep over without my parents being all weird about it.

3. Who were your BFFs and do you still keep in contact with them?
I'm actually still besties with my best friend from ten years ago! She's on Quibblo under the name of timelord101. She's awesome, so check her out! (I also had a bunch of other friends but I lost contact with them.)

4. What were your fave shows or at least ones you used to watch?
OMG, ''Hannah Montana'' was my entire childhood! I loved all the classic Disney shows so much! The Jonas Brothers were my favourite band, and I never missed an episode of ''The Suite Life of Zack and Cody'' or ''Wizards of Waverly Place''. When I was a lot younger I loved watching ''Hi-5'' and ''The Tweenies''.

5. Which singers/bands did you use to listen to?
I wasn't really into music before I turned nine, so I just drifted from musician to musician. I liked all those pretendy Disney bands and singers, like The Jo Bros and Hannah Montana. I liked Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift when I was like, eight years old. (I actually remember when JB first became famous!)

6. What was your fave school grade in elementary school?
I miss my primary school years so much... nuff said.

7. Who was your fave teacher?
I'm home-schooled so I've only ever had one teacher: my mum. :)

8. What was the most embarrassing or dumbest thing you did that you regret now?
Ugh... EVERYTHING. I did so much dumb stuff when I was little. I was such a loud, outspoken, bold little kid. I didn't care what I said. When I think about it all nowadays I just want to curl up in a ball and ''die''. (Yes, that's how bad it was.)

9. What did you want to be when you grew up?
Um... originally a princess, then a fairy, then reality grabbed a hold on me and I wanted to be a doctor or a nurse. Then I wanted to be a rock star, then a movie star, then a song writer, then a writer. Now it looks like I'm going to be an accountant. (A career as a princess is looking pretty good right now.)

10. Looking back now, do you think you have changed a lot?
Hell yeah. I was really loud and outgoing as a little kid; I loved talking to people and making friends. Now?... I'm pretty much a social recluse with a handful of really close friends. Not millions as I claimed to have as a little kid.

11. Do you still like some music or stuff because it holds nostalgia for you?
OMG, I have such a soft spot for Disney princesses. I love anything Disney. Belle from ''Beauty and the Beast'' was my favourite for a long time, but I love every single princess equally. (Ariel is my favourite nowadays. #LittleMermaid)

12. Do you miss your childhood?
Sooooooo muuuuucchhhhhh... digs a hole, crawls into it, and cries

13. Would the younger kid version of you be proud of who you grew up to be?
Knowing me, the younger version of myself would probably be a bit disappointed then go off to play with her Barbie dolls. And older me would probably join her.

14. If you had the opportunity to relieve your childhood but nothing changed and all the bad stuff stayed the same, would you do it?
I probably would. My life from birth to when I was eleven was pretty good.

15. What was your fave movie?
I loved so many movies. But Disney princess movies were by far my favourites.

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