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Hi, all these stories are not mine they belong to their rightful owners from the site Quizilla that has now been taken down forever. I manged to save a few of my favorites and added them to my amino which a link will be provided in each chapter.

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Chapter 1

?Jasper Hale? :Dear Santa, I Want A Vampire: Christmas OneShot

?Jasper Hale? :Dear Santa, I Want A Vampire: Christmas OneShot
Created by ItachiLuver101

Christmas Special: Jasper Hale/Cullen/Whitlock OneShot ♥
Snow was pouring down like rain, as I pulled up in my black Lamborghini at Forks High. Today was my second in Forks. I use to live in La Push, until my parents found out about me and Jacob Black.
Jacob and I were being stupid in my living room, playing video games. He was sitting on the ground and I was standing behind him, leaning over.
My parent were out at the time and my brother, Paul, was out on patrol. However, my parents don't know about Paul, or any of my friends including Jacob, being a werewolf and that Jacob is my boyfriend. My father isn't one, surprisingly, but my grandfather was. He died in a "car accident." I knew the truth though. Grandfather was killed by a vampire.
"No! I almost won!" I exclaimed, sniffling. "BILLY!!!!"
Jacob rose an eyebrow.
"It's a long story, but long story short. Billy was this imaginary dog I use to have...it got ran over last weekend...." My eyes began to water, as I threw my hands into the air. "NOOO!!! BILLY!!!"
Jacob's brown orbs widened, as he comforted me. I smiled at him. He looked confused. An evil smirk replaced my smirk and I pounced on him. Jacob let out a yelp, then laughed.
"You're crazy, E'Lana."
"And you love that about me!" I grinned.
Jacob agreed with that bright smile of his. I mean, seriously, he blind someone with how bright his teeth are.
He rolled over, so he was the one on top now. My blue eyes stared into his loving ones. Jacob leaned forward and I closed my eyes. The familiar hot lips of Jacob Black crashed onto mine. His kisses weren't like other kisses I've had before. His were rough, yet full of compassion.
I wanted to stay like this forever, but it came to a stop.
Jacob and I pulled away from each other. I gulped. There, with a stern look in their eyes, were my parents. Father glared at Jacob. Jacob took that as a signal to leave.
"I'll see you later." He whispered in my ear, before awkwardly leaving.
When he left I was bombed by an annoyingly, long lecture from my father. Mother quickly forgave me, since she thinks it's "cute" I like someone. Still, she disapproved, because I didn't tell them. How could I tell them when they don't approve of me dating in the first place?
"This is the last straw, young lady!" Father barked. "I'm sending you to Forks to live with my adopted brother, Charlie Swan!"
My mouth dropped to the ground.
Forks? Of all places...In Forks lives a coven of vampires, The Cullens and my "cousin," Bella Swan, fell in love with one of them. That was the last place I wanted to go to and Father knew that.
I get into a lot of trouble, get suspended from school sometimes, but I didn't do so much that I should be moved a town over!
"No! You can't make me!" I yelled, running up the stairs, tears rolling down my cheeks.
In the past day that I moved here, Jacob and I broke up. He kissed my slut of a cousin who kissed back. Bella keeps trying to apologize to me. I'm not Edward Cullen, her boyfriend. I don't forgive people. Never. Jacob has also tried to get forgiveness. I've been thinking about it last night, but I ended up crying all night. Now, my tears were dried up and I would be tough.
In art class today. we got to make Christmas cards and such, since today is the last day before winter break. I got a piece of computer paper and wrote the words "Dear Santa" in glitter and the rest in pen.
Dear Santa,
I want a vampire. Not a hot headed werewolf who kisses my cousin. I want a cold, romantic vampire this year for Christmas.
While I waited for the glitter to dry, I didn't notice a pair of golden eyes watching me.
The bell rang and I left my letter on my desk. In the halls, people said goodbye to their friends, couples kissed, and I walked in the middle. Thanks to Bella, I had no friends here. My friends were all in LaPush. I already missed Emily's wonderful cooking and the cliff diving with the boys and Leah.
I climbed into my car, as I sighed. Before I could close the door, a cold hand touched my shoulder. My head snapped up to see one of the Cullens. The one who always seemed to be in pain. He had curly, blonde hair and bronze eyes. Jasper Hale. Like the rest of the Cullens, he was unhumanly beautiful.
"You're E'Lana, right?" He quietly asked. "You run with mu- werewolves?"
I nodded. The vampire held out his hand to me.
"I'm Jasper Hale"
"E'Lana, as you already know." I greeted him, shaking his hand. "Um, is there something you need?"
Jasper looked taken back by my question, then returned to his normal self. He glanced at me.
"Do you know a lot about vampires?" Jasper questioned.
Why is he even talking to me? I'm friends with werewolves and he's a vampire. Hmmm...vampires don't seem to hate werewolves as much as werewolves hate them. Vampires are calmer about it. Grinning to myself, I knew I chose right to wish for a vampire this year....not that I will get one anyway....
"Not much. My brother told me about vampires having a 'singer'. The rest he told me about was just bashing vampires. You know, werewolves." I smiled nervously.
Jasper was deep in thought for a second. He offered to take me home, so he can explain more. I eyed the other Cullens and Bella who were watching us from across the parking lot. A certain bubbly, pixie girl stood out to me....Alice Cullen, i think.
Aren't they mate though?
Jasper shook his head as if he could read my thoughts which was ironic, because Edward Cullen could read a person's mind.
Alice and I are no longer mates. She understands...my feelings for another." Jasper responded trying to find the right words as he spoke.
I slid into the shotgun seat allowing him to take the driver's. He started up the engine and took off. It was awkwardly silent. Not for long though.
"About Singers....I've found mine." Jasper muttered loud enough for me to hear. His eyes were glued to the road.
My smile fell. Ever since I came to Forks High I've developed a crush on Jasper.
"Oh? Is she someone I know?" I forced my smile back.
"You know her as much as you know yourself." He said, after thinking about it.
Some girl that I know as much as myself, huh?...I don't know anyone like that!!
We finally pulled into the driveway of the Swan's house. During the ride, I continued to guess who the girl was. I didn't get it.
Jasper got out and walked like a normal human to my side. You can never be too safe near humans.
He opened the door for me, but before I could get out Jasper held me down.
"The girl is you. You're my singer, E'Lana." He smiled softly, kissing my forehead. "I don't want to lose control with yo-"
I gripped the collar of his shirt and yanked him down; my lips placed over his. Our lips were morphed together. Like they were made for each other
A piece of paper slipped out of Jasper's hands, as he wrapped his arms around my waist. I caught the first few words and smiled against his cold lips.
Dear Santa,
I want a vampire.

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