Writing Tips that will take your story to the next level!

Ever felt like you don't know where your story is going? Ever had any doubts about the quality of your story (or even your ability as a writer)? Ever thought that something was missing from your story but didn't quite know what that something was? Here's your chance to learn how to improve your writing. Ten fresh writing tips, which I didn't make up but borrowed from other experts and tailored them to the purposes of my own writing. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

1. Make sure your character has a goal.

by: Natasitsa
Stories are about a character who wants something. Whether it is to kill a bad guy, to save the world or simply get a promotion, there has to be some kind of thing that he wants and will do anything to get it. This thing, my fellow writers, is the story goal.

As we would all agree, nobody wants a character who is one-dimensioal. Readers want complex, complicated, full of contradictions kind of characters. There are many tricks to achieve this multi-personality and one of these is his goal. The character starts out wanting something. Then, he does whatever he can to gain it. And in the end, he either gets it or loses it.

His goal may not necessarily be the perfect thing for him. Maybe he wants to marry that girl next door but when it comes down to it, what he really needs is to leave his house and travel the world. Maybe he wants to marry the girl to live new experiences but this medium is not the best, while travelling the world will offer him just what he needs in his life to be full.

However, in other stories, his goal is what he needs...but not exactly. It may be some ramification of another goal or it may simply be a way to achieve another goal. Whatever you choose, make sure it's integral to the needs of your story.

For example, let's take the classic book Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronté. What's Jane's goal? To marry Mr Rochester. But is this goal the thing she needs? Nope. What she realy needs, is to be independent, to be free. In the end, she achieves her goal. But this comes ONLY AFTER she's got the thing she needs: freedom.

Bear this in mind when planning for your next story. If you find your character wanting nothing and just strolling through the story smiling happily, then maybe you need to change things up a bit. Add a goal and you add depth.

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