Literary Sexts

Chapter 1


sext: i don’t think you understand how glad i am that we both exist at the same time my veins are full of you the whole world is a little lighter with you in it
sext: it is because of you that flames dance on my skin; everywhere you touch me goes up in smoke
sext: you fill my collarbones with lighter fluid and set fire to the curve of my spine, and every time you kiss me it is with flames. in short, i have become a pyromaniac
sext: the way you run your fingers up and down my legs feels like ripping open the sky and letting the heavens come pouring through
sext: your lips are clouds and every heavy breath we draw is thunder, far too beautiful to walk away from even if we go deaf
sext: there is nothing i crave more than your touch
sext: i am exhausted, i no longer wish to imagine your hands tracing my spine. pull me into your chest, inhale every ounce of me like a drug; drown in my scent.
sext: kiss me until the only thing left is your name engraved in my throat
sext: build a new universe with me out of the galaxies in your chest and the stars in my eyes, i will tell all the planets to be reborn, i will command that the sun moves itself to suit your own mentality if that is what you want from me
sext: i look at you and all i can think is that you are worth more than an entire galaxy, when you touch me the explosions of the stars flash before my eyes and it leaves me breathless. you leave me breathless
sext: i want to kiss you awake in the morning and kiss you goodnight in the evening and kiss you in the middle of the night when you can’t get to sleep and i want to feel the ghost of your hands on my waist and your breath on my neck for the rest of my life
sext: if your body is the ocean then i want to f♥cking drown


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