No escape, pain is what makes us humans. and our errors make us, us. :)

No escape, pain is what makes us humans. and our errors make us, us. :)

A small poem I wrote when I was bored a while ago

Chapter 1

No escape. Poem

I start to wonder each time. I open my eyes and see her.
Why am I so scared of her. However at that moment she opens her mouth and all her thoughts flow out like if they were the truth in her mind. They're something warm on my cheeks, I touch them and they turned out to be soaked in tears. Why does this always happens? Why do her words make me cry. Are the words she speaks, the truth, how she actually feels?

....The idea running through my mind stay frozen in place.
I'm scared of letting people see, allowing them to know how I feel.
I wonder do many things yet can't ask, they will ruin my mask...I will try to be like everyone else and hid behind this mask I call me. Yet then 8 words come to mind and take control of me. "I'm am worthless, no one would care if I would die." I start to smirk to myself and stand up once again, knowing the truth, I am worth the pain that comes with living. They don't know me , they only know the stories they have been told. My writing not the whole story, just a small piece. No one can judge me, I am different and don't have to worry about it. Being different isn't a defect but a talent. A talent not to cry about, nor back down from, but to fight for, voice yourself. Because you are worth it, I am worth fighting in this world for.

If they never destroyed me I wont be here fighting for what I believe in.

I'm sorry if its sad. I was bored awhile back and wrote it on my phone and never uploaded it. so yeah. I hoped you liked it... I'm bored :P


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