Within The Walls

Chapter 1

Xavier Svec

I raised an eyebrow, looking over at my sister with distaste.

"Dimatrie, get your head out of the gutter and pay attention." My voice was cold. "You wonder why mother and father always pay for me to practice the use of weapons instead of you. It's because your a lazy brat."

Her green eyes darkened. "It's because you're the favorite, Xavier." She adjusted her twin knives, one in each hand. "It's been a dull week. Ever since they found those Dealer headquarters."

I shook my head and examined my pistol, aiming at random spots but not shooting. The streets were, as per usual, crawling with people, and the air at the Watcher base on top of the wall was cool. I slowly sat down in a chair and stared down the wall at our city below.

"We do not speak of such things, Dimatrie."

"Of the achievements of our parents?" Dimatrie laughed. "Xavier, we can do whatever we want."

"I've realized that." I put my gun down on the arms of the chair. "And we can have whatever we want. Just because we're better then everyone else in this pitiful city does not mean we should ignore the unspoken rules of the Watchers."

Dimatrie fixed me with a cold glare, the burns on her face shining in the sunlight, glistening with sweat.

"You two, stop arguing. There's a rope, twenty something feet away. Do you see that, that swarm of people below it?"

A pale girl tapped my shoulder, pointing to an area I could barely see.

"I don't see anything. Give me your binoculars, Avery."

She handed me a black pair of binculars, and I pressed them to my face, looking for the rope she had spoken of. There was a thick line, at the bottom of which was a huge crowd of people. One person stood on a pedestal above the others, talking animatedly with their hands. The people looked as if they were cheering below, some trying to climb the rope.

"We must stop this at once." I picked up my pistol, walking to the door of the seating area. "Do you have your parachutes? In case of emergency?"

Dimatrie pulled a pack on over her back, her grip tight on the ivory handles of her knives. "I don't need emergency cautions, Xavier."

"But you took one anyway." I pointed out as I opened the door, stepping out of the protective box and onto the exposed, windy air at the thick top of the fifty foot wall. The concrete was solid under my feet as I walked the curved distance towards the rope. The closer I got, the louder voices became, until it was like someone whispering next to me. There was at least one hundred people clustered at the bottom of the rope below. Dimatrie pulled a microphone out of her pocket and switched it on.

"Leave, people of the city." The volume beside me was deafening. Nobody moved. "If you do not leave within the next minute, we will shoot. We will identify the dead bodies and arrest anyone associated with them. Family members, friends, all in jail because you refused to follow rules."

I shot the rope near my feet and it broke, tumbling the distance to the ground below.

"I will count down. Fifty nine..."

I stared down, aiming my pistol at the motionless crowd below that seemed to be staring up at us.

"Thirty two..."

A small cluster of people broke off of the crowd and ran, followed by shouts of insults. I chuckled to myself, putting my finger on the trigger.

"FIFTEEN!" Dimatrie screamed into the microphone.

Another small group broke away from the crowd, what looked like a mother and four small children.

"SIX! FIVE! FOUR! THREE! TWO! ONE! Open fire, Xavier!" She shut the microphone off and shoved it in her pocket, attaching one end of a secure rope to a hook in the concrete and the other to a hook on her vest before jumping off the side of the wall.

I pressed the trigger, firing the first of the eighteen bullets my pistol currently held. The first scream broke out from the crowd, and then it was the sound of chaos as my sister unhooked herself three feet from the ground and hit it running, slashing at random with the blades of her knives. I shot again and again, careful not to hit my sister but instead hitting anyone I aimed at. Dead and wounded bodies had quickly covered the ground. There was a man writhing on his bloody pedestal. I watched my sister pick him up and clip herself back to her rope, beginning the ascent upwards.

The crowd was gone in less then five minutes.

"Think you should turn the hook on? Dimatrie looks like she could use some help." Avery crouched down and twisted the hook, which began to automatically wind my sister and the man she carried up on her rope. As she got closer I could see blood splattered on her clothes and face, giving her triumphant grin a malicious look.

"Kick-butt as per usual, right?" She shouted.

I shook my head and shoved my pistol into its holster, with no bullets left in it. "We've got to check the bodies. Keep your threat real." She arrived at the top and wound up her rope, shoving it in an empty compartment of her parachute pack.

"This man was starting a rally. I'm sure of it. He's a bit old for a dealer, don't you think?" Dimatrie sighed, and I checked to make sure both of her knives were in their sheaths. She handed me the man and jogged back to the seating room, leaving the door open behind her. I stepped inside and tossed the man to the ground, sitting on the most comfortable chair in the room. Avery shut the door before giving me a kiss on the lips and siting on a chair beside mine.

"You did lovely, Xavier."

"Without someone constantly looking out for dealers, I wouldn't do as good as this." I grinned. Avery was a family friend, the girl my mother had planned for me to end up in a relationship with. She was attractive, and also came from a rich family, so I didn't mind the arrangement.


A weak croak sounded from where the wounded man lay on the ground.

"My children... Don't kill them..."

"I will keep my threats alive, sweetheart." Dimatrie muttered, examining his wounds. "Do not doubt me. Your family will be hunted."

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