Group story idea, authors decided! (Polar bear tribe, penguin tribe, oxen tribe, eagle tribe story)

Chapter 1

The Idea

Hi guys, thanks for reading. So, this is the idea:

Many, many years ago, in a different land called Oransven, there were three wizards who ruled it together: Vates, whose speciality was seeing the future, Mors who could raise the dead and Tempastatum who could manipulate the elements.

Now, each thought that they were the best wizard and should rule Oransven and the people in it on their own, without the other two. They argued, threatened and boasted until they ended up fighting. However, Vates had the advantage. Because he could see into the future, he could see what moves the other wizards were going to make next. Eventually, using this method, he killed Mors, thus destroying the power to raise the dead forevermore. He then killed Tempastatum.

However, Tempastatum decided that if he couldn't rule Oransven, no one would and with his last breath he cast a spell to cause many natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis all at once to destroy the world. But, because he was dying and extremely weak, he got the spell wrong. Instead, he accidentally caused a blizzard and lowered the temperature everywhere dramatically. Everything was now covered in snow and ice. Appalled and devastated at what had happened, Vates buried the two dead wizards in the snow, then, disgusted and heartbroken at what his greed for power had made him do, he killed himself.

Unprepared and unequipped, the human race started to die out. Eventually, a few of the humans learnt how to survive, but only a very small few. These humans eventually ended up arguing about which was the best way to survive and got in a fight that killed almost half of them. Realising how stupid the needless killing was, the humans split up into eight tribes of around 500. Now, all that remains of the humans are five tribes,which are named after the animals they hunt with/ride on/use as pack animals. Each member of the different tribes are given an animal (the one that their tribe is named after) at a certain age, according to the tribe. The story is going to follow five teenagers each from a different tribe, who each decide to try find out how to get rid of Wizard Tempastatum's spell. Here are the five tribes:

The Wolf tribe, the Eagle tribe, the Oxen tribe, the Penguin tribe and the Polar Bear tribe.

My character is from the wolf tribe, so I need the other characters to be from the other tribes - four other writers, each from a different tribe. Here is my character's profile, if interested, please post yours in the comments section and I'll decide on the writers. My decision won't be based on who posted their profile first, so take your time. Thanks for reading :)

Name: Ella Ferus
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Tribe: The wolf tribe
Appearance: Five foot seven, strong and wiry with long light brown hair and grey eyes.
Animal: Two year old male wolf called Dust. Grey fur and Grey eyes.
Position in tribe: Hunter/tracker
Family: Ella's father is Kyal Ferus who is second in command to the tribe leader, Alec Spero. Kyal and Alec are best friends. Her mother is Amna Ferus, who was once one of the best trackers in the tribe, her ability second only to her husbands. Now she is very ill, perhaps fatally ill, but no one in the tribe, not even the Healer (Ella's grandmother Abna) knows what sickness she has. Ella has no brothers or sisters, but she has a few uncles, aunts and cousins in the tribe.
Other: Ella always wears a necklace with a wolf fang attached to it. Her grandfather gave it to her before he died and the fang is from his first wolf - he didn't kill it, he took the fang from his wolf after she died.

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