Dragon Girl

Chapter 1


even when i was just a kid,
i far rathered being a dragon than playing the damsel in distress.
who wants to wear long dresses and sit up in a tower all day long waiting for a prince to come rescue them?
not me-
i'd rather be the dragon.
scales glimmering like glass,
i would be a vast shimmering landscape of red,
wings snapping out to span fifty times the amount of space that i currently allow myself to occupy,
breathing fire over any sorry excuse for a "prince" who came wandering near me.
and at night i would retreat to the pile of bones i slept on which would boast my victories against myself,
licking my wounds in secret and pretending that my tears were made of fire.

but it seems i will forever be the damsel in distress,
and it only took you twenty minutes to prove that to me tonight because when you unfurl your wings it is all i can do not to hide away in my tower forever.
princes and knights don't exist,
there are only dragons and those who don't know about the dragons.
princess with her hair on fire,
this is not something which i can just put out,
because my tears have turned to flames that burn my body in the shape of a fist,
shattering the fragile glass scales that i conjured up from thin air
and reassuring me that even the most solid of fairy tale endings never come true exactly as you might have hoped.


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