Next Generation Harry Potter Fic

Chapter 1

I want to say one thing: I did not lose my scarf. It was stolen from me, and I know damn well who the thieves are. I grumble to myself as I head down the hall, purposely stomping my feet on the cold wooden floor, and I stop in front of my brothers bedroom, scowling. It's way too early for this to be happening to me.

I raise my hand to knock loudly on the door, and then, feeling angry, I open the door and storm in. One idiot is lying on the bed, his back arched and his head lying over the side of the bed. His hair falls down, a black mess, and his glasses are perched more on his forehead than the crook of his nose. He smiles deviously when he sees me, and rolls off of the bed, standing upright.

The other idiot is sitting on the office chair and is swirling around, bored. He stops when he sees me, and grins.

"Where is it?" I ask, not even the slightest bit amused.

"Where's what?" Alex asks me innocently. I have the biggest misfortune of being related to him. He's so insufferable- like his friend, James Potter. Sadly, Alex invited James over to stay with us for the last few weeks of summer, and the worst part is, is that James agreed to come and stay. I can safely say that these last few weeks have been torturous.

I mean, I love my brother, but I have very little patience for him.

"Don't play dumb," I say, "or is that too hard for you?" I cross my arms over my chest, feeling more than a little pissed off.

"No need to be rude," James says with a smirk. He chuckles. "Have you checked the toilet recently?"

My eyes grow wide. "You didn't!" I exclaim, horrified.

"Jeez, Mia, we're not that cruel," Alex says, rolling his eyes. He hops off the chair and opens the top drawer of his dresser. He pulls out the scarf which is covered in mud, and looks to be drenched. He holds it out for me to take, and reluctantly, with the tips of my fingers, I take back my blue and silver striped scarf.

I hold the scarf away from my body and look disgustingly at it. The boys laugh at my expression, so I glare at them. "What did you two do to it?"

"We were playing a little bit of one-on-one quidditch last night," James tells me with a shrug. "He wore his Gryffindor scarf and I wore your Ravenclaw one. I feel a little dirty after it- like I'm betraying my house or something."

"Then here's a tip: don't take my scarf next time! And finish packing your trunks," I say, pointing to the mess of opened trunks and scattered clothes around them. "We're leaving in an hour."

With a roll of my eyes, I walk back to my room, feeling more than annoyed. They just had to use my scarf, didn't they? I could strangle them both for dirtying my scarf after I washed it the other day. The sooner we get to Hogwarts, the better. At least I won't be surrounded by the dweebs as much. Sometimes I could tolerate them, though. Even if it was only rarely.

I sigh and lock my door behind me.

Why can't Alex be as organised as I am? I've packed, unpacked and repacked days ago. He's too laid back about things, and quite honestly, that worries me sometimes. After all, he is doing his NEWTs at the end of this year. How isn't he worried? Mine are next year and I already feel panicked about them.

I look at my scarf with pursed lips a final time, and then open my trunk and throw the scarf on top of my books. Mostly in my trunk is loose pages with poems on them. It's the one thing I love the most; poetry. It calms me when I feel angry, and how can you not love poetry? There's a poem for everyone out there. I have to say, I personally love muggle poems the most. My all time favourite poem is by muggle, Robert Frost, 'The Road Not Taken'.

Under my books and loose pages is my clothes and uniform for the year. Not that I plan to use my ordinary clothes much throughout the year. I've decided I'm going to take trips to Hogsmeade as an advantage for studying alone in the common room, or the library.

Honestly, I'm aware of the fact that I can be a bore but I'm not all bad, despite what Alex and James may think of me. I have friends, I do like to have fun, and I definitely love quidditch. I just want to do well for myself. Plus, there's nothing wrong with wanting to study. Unlike Alex, I enjoy spending my time reading and learning things.

I sigh when I realise how boring I even sound to myself sometimes.

With one final check over, I close my trunk and heave it up from the ground.

Naturally, Alex and James held us up as mum and I were ready to leave. I suggested to let them walk, but mum said no, much to my dismay. I doubt they'd be missed all that much.

I roll my eyes because even I know that's not true. Everyone seems to love them, for some reason, along with their other friend, James's cousin, Fred Weasley II. The three of them were the most popular, and the three that always seemed to be in trouble for some prank they've pulled.

My friends seem to like them too.

The two boys come running out of the house, locking the door behind them, their brooms held in one hand and their trunks in the other. Lucky for me, I got shotgun in our old Ford car. Alex held under his arm a cage holding our pet owl, Hootin. The barn owl squawked noisily, clearly not enjoying the fact that he's stuck in a cage.

The journey to Kings Cross took just under an hour. Lucky for us, traffic didn't seem to be too heavy today in London. I'm suddenly grateful that we're going to be in the train for most of the day seeing as the clouds overhead look stormy. Only a minute later the first drops begin to fall.

Platform 9 and 3/4 was full of shouting and people saying farewells to one another. I was just anxious to get on the train already. People carried their pets onto the train with them, their trunks in their other hand. People shoved past one another trying to board the already crowded looking train.

I turn to my mother, who's planting a kiss on James's forehead despite the fact that he's much taller than her. He smiles down at her with red tinged cheeks, and thanks her for allowing him to spend the summer at our house. She pats his cheek lovingly. She turns to Alex with a stern expression on her face. "If I get a single letter home this year, I swear I will write to professor Calverny and tell him he's to band you from playing quidditch for the entire year! Have I made myself clear?"

"Yes, mum," he grumbles, pouting slightly.

"Okay. I'll see you at Christmas, okay?" She pulls him in for a hug, and squeezes his shoulders. Despite being small, my mother is quite strong. Alex himself is tall, with sandy blonde hair and dark blue eyes. When she pulls away, her eyes were wet with tears. "Be good," she warns him a final time. She plants a kiss on his cheek and turns to me.

"Make sure your brother doesn't do anything stupid this year, all right?" she says. I smile at her.

"This is Alex we're talking about, mum. He's beyond help," I reply.

She tries to look cross, but fails. "Don't be mean," she tells me with a light tone that suggests to me she's not as angry as she's trying to look. "Have a good year," she adds on, "and try to not let Alex get to you this year."

I sigh, knowing that Alex personally seeks me out to taunt me about endless things. He even followed me around the school for an entire day quoting William McGonagall, one of the worst poets ever to exist. Next year, though, I will be free from the pain that is my brother.

I give her a forced smile. "I'll try," I lie. She gives me a bone-crushing hug, and with a final goodbye, I turn away from her.

The Hogwarts Express looms over me, the scarlet steam-engine train huffing out puffs of smoke from its chimney. I walk on, the train already over-packed with students standing in the narrow halls greeting friends. I force my way through the crowd, wanting nothing more than to find an empty compartment, or perhaps to just find my friends.

My trunk knocks against countless legs as I make my way down the hallway. I find a compartment with a familiar face, but I hesitate outside of it. Inside sits Fred Weasley. He's looking outside the window, sitting alone in the compartment. I'm about to turn away, feeling somewhat embarrassed, when he turns and spots me.

He stands up with a smile on his face and opens the door to greet me. "Hey, Mia! Where's James and Fred?" he asks me.

"I'm not sure. They already came onto the train," I tell him. People roughly push past me, and I stagger a little to the side. Hogwarts should really invest in making the train hallways broader. "Have you seen Eleanor?"

"No, sorry," he apologizes. "Why don't you wait here?"

I look around, surprised that he'd even suggest it. Firstly, he's popular; secondly, I had the biggest crush on him when I was in third year, which he knows full well about. Oh, Merlin, it's so embarrassing to even think about. One of the boys, Carter, had heard me talking to Dany, one of my other friends, and instantly began to tell everyone about it. I'm not sure who I feel more mortified for: him, or me.

He wouldn't even look at me the whole year, and Alex and James made it their jobs to taunt me about it whenever they got the opportunity. Of course, by the end of the year everyone got over it and things resumed as normal... Alex and James taunting me about being boring.

So, naturally, I'm a little surprised that he doesn't mind even being seen with me.

I place my trunk on the slot above my head, feeling a little unsure of myself.

"How was your summer?" he asks.

"Boring, and a little torturous," I admit.

"Oh, yeah, James spent the last few weeks of summer with you," he remembers with a grin. He leans back into the chair, getting comfortable, crossing his arms over his chest. "I was supposed to stay, but... something came up." He averts his gaze momentarily, obviously bothered by something. I'm about to ask what's wrong, but then the compartment door opens.

I jump a little in surprise. When I see who it is, I frown.

"Man, we've been looking for you," James says, falling lazily onto the seat beside me. "You missed out on a wicked summer."

Alex sits next to Fred, and looks to me with a frown also on his face. "Sorry you got stuck with the nerd."

I blush, and look outside as the train pushes forward from the station. I see mum a final time and wave to her, with a false smile upon my face. I feel suddenly awkward being in the compartment, and want nothing more than to leave.

I edge a little bit forward on my seat. "I should go," I mumble. "Thanks for letting me sit here." I give a small smile to Fred, who tilts his head to the side in confusion.

"You don't have to go," Fred assures me.

Alex looks to Fred in surprise at the same time I do. James just arches a brow up, staring at Fred in bewilderment.

Of course, I had to humiliate myself by quoting a poem. "Sweet moment, stay with me, and pray do not flee so soon. I- I should probably go look for Eleanor." My face feels hot from embarrassment. Alex is shaking his head, probably wondering how he got a sister who's so nerdy. James is now staring at me with the arched eyebrow, and Fred still has his head slightly tilted, but with a soft smile on his lips.

The door slides open, and all of us look up at once.

"About time I found you," Eleanor says hotly. "You could have at least told me you were going to be sitting with these dorks instead."

"Oi, that's offensive," Alex says, scowling at her.

She just returns his look with a cold stare. Although I may have said my friends seemed to like Alex, Fred and James, Eleanor, like me, has little-to-no patience for them, which is why I get along with her so well. With a sigh, she sits down next to Alex. "You are never going to believe who's one of the Ravenclaw prefects!"

"Who?" I ask, feeling somewhat jealous because I had wanted to become a prefect.

"Carter." We both groan at the same time, both hating him still for what he did to me in third year. Plus, he hates me as much as I hate him, so no doubt he's going to try and get me in trouble for something stupid.

"At least we know who to avoid this year," James says gleefully.

"Speak of the devil," I hear Fred mumble.

We all look up as the door opens again. At the door is Carter, and behind him is my friend of sorts, Luce. His blonde hair falls in waves, and his brown eyes look at me mischievously. He knows I wanted to be prefect. Merlin, I hate him. Why did Calverny pick him, of all people, to be prefect? He's so pretentious!

"Hey, Mia," he greets me with a cold, smug stare. "I'm not sure if you heard, but I'm the new prefect for Ravenclaw. Just thought I'd warn you."

I roll my eyes. "Already heard, and I already don't care," I reply sharply.

"Just thought I'd warn you three, too. I'm going to tolerate any misbehavior or your stupid pranks."

Alex, Fred and James all huff. "They are not stupid," Alex rebukes, narrowing his eyes at Carter.

He sighs. "We both know that's not true. Anyway, I have important prefect duties to attend to." He gives me a mocking smile, and then turns and leaves. Luce gives me an apologetic smile. My blood is boiling after he's gone. I sit with my hands clenched tightly into fists, hating Carter more and more with each passing second.

"Anyone else want to punch him in the face?" James asks after a moments silence.

"Just a little," Fred replies.

"I think we just found a new target," Alex announces.

And for once, I'm not even going to bother telling Alex to not prank someone. The stupid git, Carter, deserves it. I sit back into my chair, and relax myself. I guess I'm not going anywhere for the train ride as even Eleanor already looks comfortable.

This is going to be a very long year.


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