Fic recommendations/other

just a couple of fics/stories i recommend reading. Honestly, they're great! I'll even give links to some :)

Chapter 1

firstly im going to start with non-fics to get them out of the way. These have been written on the internet, obviously, so....
This is addicting from end to finish. It's a teacher-student relationship story, but there's so much action in it! It's witty, adventurous, romantic, and just about the most amazing story ive ever read on the internet. Warning: there's scenes of violence, and sxual nature
now, to be fair, i read this a few years back, and can't remember much about it, but trust me: it's great! Especially for you fantasy lovers! Sorry, I know it's not much to go by, but believe me, it's amazing!
like Harry Potter/magical stories??? You'll love this! I'm not finished yet, but Im hooked already! Seriously- go read! :)

and now the fics! Get your reading glasses on, because there's quite a few! :)
1D fic! A baby appears, but who's the father in the most famous boy band alive?? Who abandoned the baby???? Read to find out!!
i dunno if many people have watched SnK/AoT but this is a JeanMarco fic and is the most adorable fic ive ever read! It seriously gave me all the feels- wanna cry, wanna laugh???? This fic is perfect for you! Seriously, I just adore this fic so much!!
RotG fic :) it's Jack x OC and it is amazing! A reader of mine (and now one of my closest friends on the internet) wrote this, and i actually love it!! Seriouslllyyyyyy.... I highly recommend this one :) Pls read it.
words cannot describe my love for this fic! It is so brilliantly written, and her character, plus character development is the most perfect thing ive ever read! It's NG Harry Potter, and is oasidhkasdh. Ugh, seriously.. if you love bacon/hp, go read it!! I could not stop reading this until I had caught up! :L
Frozen!! Seriously- it's Elsa x OC (kinda), and is so amazing! It'll capture, break and melt your heart! I just... omg. Just read it!! :)
Another HP fic.. it's quite interesting! I read it last year, and the plot is a bit blurry... but it's NG, but they're older, and it's pretty cool. You will ship the 'love' pair in this soooooo much :L


that's all I have for the moment!! Any fics you guys would recommend??? :)
id preferably read RotG, Jelsa, Frozen, PJO, HoO, Harry Potter.... so, recommend away :)


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