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Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. Another group story. Shame on me. Yadda yadda yadda. My stories always get stuck when an author isnt writing, or deletes, or takes months of me begging them to write. And I feel bad for the authors that do write. But I have to put my ideas into storys or they'll haunt me.

Chapter 1

Sign ups.

Setting: Somewhat of a medieval renascence times
# of characters: Five
Time limit for writting: One week
Allowed # of strikes: Three

Five youths; a royal, a servant, a knight, an assassin, and a villager; have found themselves traveling in a group. How? The royal was traveling to a neighboring kingdom. They of course brought their servant with them, as well as a knight for protection. Once they cross the borders they are completly lost. This is where the villager and assassin come in. They offer to show the way to the castle, though the latter secretly plans to kill the royal.

This is where it gets interesting. The ones who hired the assassin are not they only ones who want the royal dead. A nightmarish group, known simply as the Storytellers, want the royal dead a lot more. They are more powerful, more ruthless, and will kill everyone in the group.

So said group of five will find themselves together...running for their lives, while trying to hold on to their secrets at the same time.


1) You do not get yo pick what role you're character is going to be. Not even I do . You will pick a color and colora will be pulled out of a hat for the role.

2) Absolutely, positively NO 'sad stories.' This is way too over done, takes away from the story, and can get annoying. If I so much as see the word sad (or a synonym for it in any way, shape, or form) in your character form, I will delete your comment. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but if you put it there you either a) Don't care what I say, or b) Didn't read the rules. Both are not good.

3) No leather jackets. This is renascence era like. Don't even add clothes until roles are assigned.

4) No bad @** characters, no "wimps", no all-good characters (shy does not count as a fault/ bad characteristic), no all-bad characters, no I don't care about the group characters.

5) No fighting with me about if something fits into the criteria

6) No orphans or tragedies

7) No perfect/beautiful


Personality (bad and good):
Color: Gold, Black, Silver, White


Name: Cleo Donn
Age: 16
Gender: F
Appearance: Bobed, white blonde hair that's longer in her bangs. She has deep sett azure eyes, and the ability to give the best glares. Her skin is light in tone, and she isn't tan or burn in the sun. She has a slim build, but she's mostly made of muscle so she ways more for someone her size. She stands five foot six and one half inches tall, and she's pretty proud of her height. She scowls and smirks a lot.
Personality: She is stubborn as a mule, and she knows how to press people's buttons. Generally she is kind enough, and she is intelligent. She is the most loyal person you'll ever meet, but she is stingy with her trust. Being a bit of a walking contradiction, she could sit for hours on end waiting calmly, but she is
extremly impatient.
Color: Blue
Other: Not available as of now

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