5 Things Which I Know To Be True

Chapter 1


i) you are the most beautiful thing that i have ever seen. you are more beautiful than the skies stained with blood outside my bedroom window and more beautiful than even rain. when you lie down to sleep, your pillows blush. each morning, the sky is honoured to lower the moon for you. you sigh, and the breeze is hopelessly jealous.

ii) the only reason that mondays exist is in order to remind your bones that it is never too late to start over.

iii) stop tearing at your skin to try to kill the monsters. you will only bleed out your stardust. monsters will crawl back under the bed; you can't invite the stars back home once they've died.

iv) darkness is only ever heavy so it can break into dawn. you will never be the only war the world is fighting, i promise.

v) i'm giving you more questions than answers lately. i'm sorry. we both need answers. maybe we should look for them together. maybe we'll find ourselves somewhere along the way.


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