Special Needs

Chapter 1

Special Needs

by: x_i_am_x
Oh, when you wake up,
When you can't keep the food,
In the pit of your stomach.
Oh, when you're crying,
Kinda seems we're dying,
It'll get tough.
Yeah you know we're special.

Medication makes monsters,
And monsters ruin childhoods,
But no one's held responsible.
Yeah you know we're special needs,
I need to breathe, something to plead,
Dangerous games, murdering pains.
Oh darling we're already dead.

Crying, falling, Alice.
Drink the potion, shrink,
But always remember,
You could sink,
If you eat and grow giant,
Swimming in tears,
Following rabbits,
Sad schizophrenic habits.

I was sat along the wall,
Heaving up my guts,
Catching it in my hands,
I didn't want to upset him,
Stains on the carpet,
Stains in our heads,
Stains on our beds.
Yeah you know we're special needs.


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