Delete or not delete

Chapter 1

Thoughts (Maybe or Not)


Okay, so here's the thing. Wow, I'm surprised on how many of the friends on here I made are just...gone. Second, as many say already, I just don't have time. I got too much to do and it is just crazy already. School is more important than quibblo. I might keep my account up but not use it. I got school work and it just comes first. I have to give up and start on school.
Also. If you didn't know, I have just had a recent death of many relatives, it just, seems right to try and get more out. I'm just thinking, I've been on here for at least three or two years and it just gets in the way of many of some choices I need to make. I think, deleting might be an answer?


Okay, so I still have many friends who I know will just have crushed hearts if I leave. I think I've helped many people here, but it never works. I mean, just when I think someone is happy, they just completely delete. It confuses me. Also I mean, how many people here will miss the complainer Arrow on here? You just don't know me. I'm just as weird and as outgoing as anyone. Shy but very outgoing, you never knew the real Arrow.

Anyways I just got to think about my grades and how I got to just do more than I've been. School is just busy at the end of the year. Well?....


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