Wanderers of Europe (An Original Group Story)

Eight teenagers (4 boys and 4 girls) who grew up together decide to leave their humble town of Cranberry, Pennsylvania to take a road trip across Europe because they all plan to attend college there together in the fall. The trip will be full of romance and fun; but will the trip that was supposed to bring them all closer together actually tear them apart before their lives together begin?

Chapter 1

Tasha (TJ) Justice

"TJ." I heard my sister whisper as she shook me in my bed. Why in the world is she trying to wake me up? This is the first day of summer.

"TJ, we're going to miss our flight, wake up." She whispered again, shaking me more rapidly.

Flight? What flight? Then, it hit me-- we are flying to Europe to visit colleges with our closest friends. I shot up from my bed so quickly that I knocked Samantha (my sister) off of the bed!

"What time is it?! I have got to get ready!" I frantically ran over to my closet and pulled out my pre-packed suitcase and carry-on bag; then I ran to my bathroom and grabbed my overly pre-packed hair and makeup bag. "What should I wear?!"

Samantha giggled and walked over to my closet, "Something hippie-inspired like always I suppose." She said as she pulled out one of my many tie-dye maxi dresses. Samantha and I are identical twins and best friends. You would never be able to tell we are identical, however, because our styles are so different.

I smiled and took the dress from her, "Perfect choice!" Then I searched through my closet for my favorite tan vest. Once I was dressed, I loosely curled my hair and threw on a hippie-styled feather headband, applied a light shade of pink lip gloss, and put on my brown flats.

"Ready?" Samantha asked me as she walked into the room with her bags.

"Ready!" I cheered and linked arms with my sister as we walked out of our apartment. "Goodbye, home! We will never be back!" I called as we got into a cab. This really was a bitter-sweet moment. We are leaving the first home we ever owned; but we are going to start a new adventure as college students in Europe!


"Are you kidding me, TJ? Do you ever not sleep?" Samantha joked as she once again shook me awake. "We're at the airport, and everyone else is already waiting on us." I woke up, jumped out of the cab, and grabbed my bags.

Samantha simply laughed as she paid the cab driver. She then walked over, grabbed her own bags, and linked arms with me. "Are you ready to begin our adventure?"

I nodded and smiled widely, "Beyond ready!" And we headed into the airport together.


After several excruciating minutes of security checks, we finally found our group of friends sitting in the chairs by our gate. I ran over and hugged my best friend, Jayce. Man, he looks so cute today! A little secret, Jayce is my best friend; but I've been in love with him since I first laid eyes on him in kindergarten. I haven't told him though because I know he only thinks of me as a friend; so what's the point? He set me down and flicked one of the feathers of my headband.

"You look adorable as always!" He smiled warmly.

"Thanks," I blushed deeply.

"First call for flight 22E-R to London, England. The flight will be leaving in 15 minutes." Everyone grabbed their things and started walking. Time to begin our new lives!

Before we boarded the plane, I recited the quote that caused us to name our group the Wanderers of Europe, "'I am that merry wanderer of the night.' And so, let our journey begin!"

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