The Moon Above (Doctor Who Fanfiction)

My OC this time is named Akira Velvela.
The Doctor mentioned is the Eleventh Doctor;
Constructive criticism and comments are most welcome and appreciated. :)

Chapter 1

A Thousand Years

The Doctor likes to call Akira Velvela a flashback. She is a memory with a future. She is a reminder of all the good and bad things in life.

Akira is, on the outside, an average girl. Her chocolate brown curls, her pale skin, her wide blue eyes, are a little different, but everyone is different in looks. She is on the smaller side of things as well: short for her age. But she is average to an on-looker, who has never met her.

When you meet her, she is different. So different. It is her personality that nags. She is sweet, like a candy cane, but moody. She can go from happy to sad to angry in a matter of seconds, and the Doctor had seen this change before his eyes.

She is sweet, but at the same time, a darkness lurks behind those ringlets. She can be a reflection of who you are, right before your very eyes. And not everyone likes that. She shows you the bad parts of yourself, and people hate that. The obvious reaction to her, is hate. She is bittersweet.

But it is so hard, ever so hard, to hate her once you know her. She is dependent, but only to some. She is dependent to those who she loves and when those loved ones leave, it kills her. She is so kind, so willing to do anything you request of her. It is too much for some people. And so they leave. Leave her, with nobody to pick up the pieces.

The Doctor knows all these things, and it is these things he thinks about when he watches her read in his TARDIS. Akira loves to read. It is her escape from the world.

"What are you reading?" The Doctor's feeble attempt at starting conversation is only a whisper, but Akira hears him.

"A new book." She says softly, holding up the front cover to allow him to see. There is a jumbled-up picture of colours there, a fantasy that only Akira can understand. White, curly letters print the words "A Thousand Years".

"Is it good?" He asks. She nods enthusiastically, as if he wouldn't understand how fascinating it was if she didn't say yes.

But the Doctor can tell that she is fascinated. Her eyes flick from one page to another, and her hands flush as she grips the sides of the book, loosening them only to quickly flip a page.

Eventually, she sets it down, her face flushed with emotions that the Doctor cannot read. Her face is sorrowful, and her eyes are filled with a longing that the Doctor is tempted to ask about, "Why are you sad? Was it a sad book?"

Akira shakes her head. "It was a happy book, very happy."

"Then why are you sad?" he asks.

"Because it ended." Akira whimpers.

The Doctor wants to reach out and place his arm around his shoulders and hold her tightly. But he feels the gesture is too much, although he yearns to comfort her. Her devotion to the little rectangles of paper bound by some string and a colourful image fascinates him, and he adds it to the ever-growing list of why he keeps Akira around. He doesn't tell many people about these lists in his mind, but he has one for every companion. For Rose Tyler, for Donna Noble, even for Mickey Smith (although that one was quite short. The first reason was "because he's Rose's friend.")

Instead he says, "Stories never really end, Akira. Even if the books like to pretend they do. Stories can go on forever."

Akira smiles, a real, genuine smile that lights up her face and brightens the Doctor's whole day. "I hope so."

The Doctor feels a pang of memory. A sad memory, of a girl, who said the same thing that Akira said, right before he left her forever. But he shakes his head and pushes the thought into the back of his mind.

He will wait a thousand years to keep Akira safe, like he would've for the girl he left.

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