It Doesn't Hurt Me

From, Running Up That Hill, by Placebo.

I love that song... ♥

This is my 488 word entry for the WC41, so Rates and Comments would be much Appreciated. ^-^

Chapter 1


"No!" I screamed at the men trying to keep me away from the warm, protective being, once in my arms.

"Stay back Lilith, you don't understand. It's a monster!" The man who dared call himself my father, exclaimed from amongst the crowd of surrounding villagers.

"It's not a monster! Let him go!" Tears were streaming down my cheeks, burning me in the cold winter air as I tried to pull him away, tried to pull them all away, to keep them back. They didn't understand, they wouldn't understand.

It was a beast, yes, but it was also a man. A curse forced him to be ripped from his skin and into the pelt of a furry animal month after month. They'd never see the man though, all they'd see is the beast, a beast they wanted to destroy.

They tossed the beast into the streets, a sickening crunch following its fall. Then they all formed a circle around it, faces of pure loathing on each and every one of them. They weren't human, they couldn't be human.

Pained screeches echoed into the night, as they kicked and hit the form now under them. It couldn't move, it was trapped. Their acts were so inhumane, it was suffering, it didn't deserve to suffer. No being deserved to suffer that way.

"Stop, plea- AH!" I was smashed back by a powerful fist, and its force was so much, that my vision darkened for a moment.

I found myself sitting up in the freezing water and looking through the pounding limbs of the nearby men. I could now plainly see the face of the so called beast. It was in agony.

It stared at me intently, and those deep black eyes watched as I lifted a shaky hand to my mouth, to wipe away the deep crimson forming there.

Then it happened, it was all so fast. The villagers flew back in a sea of flesh as the beast arose from its bed of pain, then warm blood gushed free when sharp talons lashed out at any nearby, and soon the smell of ash stung my nostrils, buildings been set aflame.

My breath left me as I was snatched from my trembling position. The hand that took me was rough and clawed, but warm and gentle too. I wrapped my arms around the beasts neck as it started to run, to gallop, to escape.

I buried my head in its soft warm back, shielding myself from the cold now whipping my face. I could still hear the distant screams from the rapidly vanishing village we'd escaped from...

A beast they said it was, a beast each one of them became. It hurt them in justice, but it never hurt me, but he never hurt me. For it was love that kept him sane, love that kept the beast away from his soul.

And now he was free, we were both, free.


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