This was a dare by my friend, so she came up with the big idea behind this story
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Chapter 37

Chapter 37

As Tanner and Gill continued to try to maneuver their ways around the alarms, ignoring the red flashing light and loud sounds, Dante and Dino continued to stand in their place near the exit door. Their fears growing inside them as the alarm continued to ring.

"Dante-" Dino started, but soon was interrupted by his twin.

"Everything's going to be okay Dino. We'll leave this place somehow" Dante stated with his cut off.

The two exchanged a glance, knowing that if it even came down to death, then at least they no longer have to be in L.I.T.E's facility. On the other side, however, Gill was beginning to panic in her mind. The red flashing light. The sound of the alarm. It was all becoming too much. Feeling her anxiety and panic, Tanner glanced over at Gill and spoke to her,

"Gill. We need to stay calm. We can do this if we focus."

Gill just peered over at Tanner, wondering how he could say something so reasonable before nodding slightly and not actually responding. The two turned another corner, this time to the right only to be stopped by the floors beginning to crack beneath them.

"What the hell?" Gill questioned, her teeth gritting.

Tanner knelt down and tapped a piece of the floor only to see it fall down completely. "These floors are hollow. If we aren't careful we'll fall into the basement of this facility and death will be the result."

Gill took a breath and stood there for a moment thinking before speaking, "Tanner, if I use the earth ability, then I can-"

"Keep the floor stable" Tanner interrupted with a nod, "You'll need enough focus Gill, and it will drain you a bit."

"It's a risk needed." Gill replied back quietly and took a breath, stepping in front of Tanner a bit and closing her eyes. She calmed her breath. She focused her energy at this task, and slow she rose her hand while whispering to herself, "Think Earth Gill."

Slowly, the earth beneath the two began to move, Tanner grasped onto the wall slightly to keep his balance as Gill continued to adjust the earth to re-stabilize the ground beneath them, and after a few seconds, she did just that. She opened her eyes and looked back at Tanner with a smile whispering, "I think it's better now."

Tanner gave Gill a smirk that is often seen in heart throb movies before stepping forward and checking the stability with his foot before nodding, "Let's go, and lady first."

Gill grinned, proud of herself despite now being weaker than she was just a moment ago and walked over the earth she put in place to limit the cracking. Tanner was behind her and when the two then reached the end of the hallway, he looked around both the right turn and the left turn and took a breath thinking.

"Let's go left. It's the fastest way."

Gill nodded in response and the two turned left, continuing on their way. Meanwhile, back inside the control room, Dr. Rhodes's eyebrows were furrowed as his knuckles were now turning white due to the pressure he was placing on them. It was a bittersweet moment for him. His creation, Gill and her powers were gaining strength, which he was happy to see that, but at the same time they were leaving and that was something he was devastated for. Sighing, he took a step back and just stared blankly at the monitors trying to figure out someway to keep them here. Everything was locked, so there really was only one way out. Everything was alarmed so guards would know what to look for. Dr. Rhodes then broke into a smile that stretched through his entire face. He was going to bring out the big weapon. With that decision made, Dr. Rhodes pressed the yellow button that had danger written across it, before grabbing a gun under the desk himself, and left the control room, heading to the exit as well.

Back in the halls, Tanner sensed instantly something was wrong and stopped in his tracks. Confused, Gill turned to him and opened her mouth to question his actions, but instead he raised a finger to his mouth, signalling for Gill to be quiet. It was that moment then the red flashing light turned to yellow, and a voice overtook the halls of the facility that trapped them.

"Danger. Danger. Experiment Z has escaped his cage."

Confused, Gill looked over at Tanner, whose face had now turned pale as if he had seen a ghost.

"Tanner?" Gill whispered, her own fear starting to overtake each worry she initially had.

Tanner turned, his voice no longer masking his panic, "Go! We have to go now Gill!"

He pushed her gently and the two started running. As they did, Gill asked, "What's experiment Z Tanner?"

Tanner shook his head, and replied as the two continued to run through the halls trying to get to the exit, "Experiment Z used to be a boy named Zach. He came here shortly after I did. Our training crossed a bit, and I remember how he used to be- full of life, laughter. He was a charmer. However, one of the trials- the one with the fear chamber in fact, caused his insanity to be lost. His mind just snapped. Doctor Rhodes told me that he killed him. He told me that there was no use for insanity inside these walls. I should've known that he wouldn't give up any of his made monsters though."

Still confused and still running, Gill asked another question, "What's so dangerous about Zach?"

Tanner gestured to the right, which would be the last turn before getting to the exit where Dino and Dante still waited, their own fears now taking over their emotions as well, before Tanner replied, "The power that Rhodes gave him was to inflict pain on others, seeing that the way he almost died was at the hands of his own father. So with no sanity and with that power of being able to hurt others merely just thinking about it, makes Zach someone almost inhuman, and willing to do anything to let people know how much pain he is in."

Gill gulped at the chilling statement that Tanner just made before the two reached the exit. Dante and Dino looked up and spoke in unison, "Tanner.. we can't fight him. He'll take us down."

Tanner spoke, his voice quivering yet somehow being able to calm the two down, "We can. He's unstable. He isn't safe. We just have to keep our strength. Have you guys tried opening the door yet?"

Dino shook his head no and went to try before sucking in a breath, "It's locked."

Tanner turned to Gill thinking before Gill came up with an idea first, "I could.. I could try and melt the door with the fire, make a hole for everyone to get through."

Tanner debated the idea over his head and nodded, "That's the best idea I think. Dante, Dino and I will try to hold of Zach when he comes, and I'm sure Rhodes will arrive shortly after. Just focus all your injury on melting the door somehow, whether it's burning a hole through or melting the hinges."

Gill nodded and turned her back toward them, focusing her power on fire and on the door before setting her hands on the cold melt and began to heat her hands so fire and heat escape.

Behind her back, the lights flickered slightly and Tanner turned only to see Zach there, his face contorted with rage and pure craze. Stepping forward, Tanner tried to speak in a calm voice, "Zach.. Zach we're leaving. You can come with. We can get you help."

Zach smiled a devilish grin before looking at his own fingernails, "And why would I do that? No one can help me. I'm broken. I can't leave ever, plus it's more fun now to see others wither in pain."

And with a snap of Zach's fingers, Tanner was on the ground screaming in pain. Tanner's body felt like an unspeakable weight was crushing him. He could feel his breath becoming nonexistent, but his screams in reality just continued to get louder. Glancing back and losing her focus, Gill gasped at the sight of Tanner screaming before looking up and seeing a young boy, he couldn't have been more than 12 at the moment with pitch black hair and almost glowing amber eyes. His smirk was almost sinister and before Gill could run to Tanner, Tanner attempted to stand up and weakly gestured back to the door. Catching what he was trying to say, Gill turned back and started to refocus on getting their way out of there. However, this door was tough and the screams that Zach was getting out of Tanner, out of Dino, and out of Dante when she turned her back was something that made focusing not as easy as it should have been. Their screams really seemed to go on for hours, when actually it was a few minutes and soon were cut short by something.

That something was Dino and Dante transforming into a bear. They got enough power over the pain to do so and got enough anger to attack Zach, causing him to fall and slowly bleed to death. The hair on their backs were risen in seething anger as Tanner slowly stood up, his own knees shaking before whispering, "Thank you Dino and Dante"

The two just looked at Tanner, their tempers slowly starting to simmer back to normal. However, before the two could shift back to their human forms, Rhodes revealed himself clapping.

"You four have made quite the show. I'm afraid that I can't let you leave though."

Tanner glared at Rhodes and spit words at him in reaction, "Well F_u/c/_kyou. Rhodes. You've kept us here for too long and this is wrong. You can't experiment on people. You can't ruin people's lives. What you did is worse than letting them die. You've created monsters." Tanner gestured to himself and then to Zach, "Your insanity and obsession with your father's work have created puppets, but we're people not puppets and in the end people are supposed to die when they're supposed to die without having to worry that behind the scenes there's a mad scientist playing with death."

Rhodes chuckled lowly and pulled out his gun, "Always so headstrong you have been Tanner. Can't you see though? None of you, none of what I've done to you has made you into monsters or puppets. I've improved you. I kept you alive. Science is the only cure."

"There shouldn't be a cure for death." Tanner whispered, glancing back to see Gill slowly getting closer to melting a hole through the steel door.

Rhodes chuckled and shook his head, aiming the gun at Tanner, "I"m sorry I have to do this, but if you die this time, then I keep L.I.T.E and my father's vision alive."

It was then Rhodes pulled the trigger, and it was also then that Dante and Dino charged at Rhodes, only to have the gun go off and not have the bullet pierce through Tanner's chest. Whimpering in pain though, one of the twins lied there in his animal form, blood gushing out from underneath him. The bear still alive and not affected by the gun, growled at the sight before turning his attention toward Rhodes, who was now motionless in result of fear. The guards were just coming around the corner finally, but halted themselves at the sight of a bear. Without any chance to do anything, the bear leaped at Rhodes, only to rip his head off completely, killing him.

He then transformed back to his human self and ran over to the now dead twin and cried into his chest, "Dino... oh Dino..."

Tanner noticed Gill's hole was now complete and ready to use to get out of before stepping forward to Dante and whispered, "Dante..."

"Go. Get out of here. I"m staying with Dino." Dante choked in response due to the tears that were continuing to pour from his cheeks.

Tanner nodded slightly and patted his shoulder, speaking in a soft tone, "Thank you Dante. Thank you as well Dino. I'm sorry."

With that, Gill and Tanner both ducked through the hole and found themselves to be outside. The sun was just beginning to rise and the two stared at each other, silence filling them with dread due to the loss of Dino. Breaking the silence though, Tanner gave a half smile and spoke, "Let me walk you home."

Gill nodded and the two walked side by side, enjoying the fresh air and each others' company despite not exchanging any words. They walked for about an hour before Gill stopped in front of her father's house. She looked up at Tanner and whispered, "Will I see you ever again?"

Tanner shook his head and stroke her hair calmly, "I don't think so Gill, but we'll always be a part of each others' lives."

Confused, Gill placed her hand on the burnt side of his face, this time Tanner didn't pull away. It was calming and even though different, he couldn't. The two stared into each others' eyes, sharing a moment of a silent good bye. The feelings the two had for each other would forever be masked and forever unspoken. They went through a lot together, and that wouldn't change. Time would heal them, but they would never be the same.

After a few moments of standing there, Tanner stepped back and smiled, gesturing to her door, "I"m sure your dad will be happy to see you."

Gill nodded, taking a breath, staring at the house, "I'm sure he's been worried." She turned and started heading up the stairs to her father's home before turning back to thank Tanner, but he already disappeared. Sighing, Gill knocked on the door, only to have her father answer it with an instant hug.

"Gill. Oh god Gill. You had me worried sick. You were gone for days.... oh look at you..."

Gill smiled and hugged her father back, happy to be in his embrace before whispering, "I'm sorry I didn't listen to you dad about the dangers of Detroit."

"Let's just get you inside and showered." Her father replied, too tired to actually punish her. He was just happy to have her back.

From the shadows, Tanner watched the two go inside the house, and he couldn't help but smile despite the loss of Dino that rested heavily over him. Rhodes was dead. L.I.T.E would be shut down forever. They escaped. Gill was back with her father. Tanner was free.

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