This was a dare by my friend, so she came up with the big idea behind this story
But please still let me know your honest opinions to this s

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Darkness seemed to lurk around the corners of the unknown room while an unconscious Gill laid in the corner, chained to the ground. Echoes of the past seemed to wail, hoping to wake Gill and warn her about the dangers that happen in this very room. They wailed and wailed, getting louder each time until a piercing scream shot through the air and everything fell to silence. Gill rose her head dazed, while her eyes slowly fluttered open. The whole room seemed to be spinning and she had to blink a couple of times to regain her focus.

"Where.. Where I am?" Gill questioned to herself.

"What.. What am I doing here?" She asked, hoping to be heard by someone.

There was no answer to either of her questions though unless you counted the way silence overcame everything in this pitch black room.

"Is anyone here? ANYONE?" Gill inquired, her blood boiling higher by each second that past.

She growled this time when no response came back to her, causing her to attempt to stand up and walk. However, her attempt failed and Gill was thrown back to the floor from the chains that wrapped around her ankles.

"Chains...?" She asked through her gritted teeth, "What the hell?"

Suddenly, row after row, the lights turned on and Gill blinked, her head aching from the sudden brightness. Her eyes had to adjust before she was able to look around, and when she did, the light had no more comfort than the darkness had, for now she could see, but the light shined in the ugly truth.

Weapons, odd tubes with unknown liquids, gas chambers, and other things Gill had only seen in the movies seemed to spread across the white tiled floors and walls.

"Where... Where am I?" She asked again, thinking that she wouldn't get an answer.

But then, a voice boomed, "That information cannot be shared."

Gill jumped, startled by the answer and looked up, cupping her hands around her eyes so she could focus on where that voice belonged. What she found was an old man, with combed back grey hair and cold blue eyes that hid behind framed glasses.

"Then who are you?" She spat.

The man chuckled and looked back causing Gill to follow his gaze towards what seemed like an army of men all dressed in similar black suits.

"I'm Dr. Rhodes." The old man stated taking off his glasses as he walked his way over to Gill, "We've been watching you for a long time Miss Lloyd."

Gill scooted away until her back was against the wall before she muttered, "You've been stalking me? That's not creepy at all."

"Not stalking, more like observing." The doctor corrected with a sly smile playing on his lips, "We chose you out of all the people in the world, because we think you can handle it."

"Choose me? For what? What can I handle that others can't?" Gill questioned, her curiosity only growing as her blood continued to boil.

The doctor chuckled, "That will all be revealed at a later time, just know that what happens in here, must stay in here. No one outside this.... institute can know."

"Oh yeah? What about my father? He'll surely be looking for me." Gill grunted, feeling like she brought up a point that made her win.

"We'll....take care of him." The doctor stated with a dark chuckle, "We'll do whatever it takes to contain you in these walls Gill."

Her expression fell to distaste as she glared at the man that stood above her. He chuckled, seeing the hate in her eyes before turning his back, "In one hour we'll prepare you for your first session. You better be prepared."

Prepared? Prepared for what? Gill questioned mentally.

Seeming to read her mind, the doctor smirked, "Be prepared to bring your tolerance Miss Lloyd, your first session... well it might sting a bit."

He laughed a laugh that caused goose bumps to appear on Gill's arm and neck. She didn't say another word though because the doctor left the room, leaving the lights on before Gill could get another word out of her small but fiery mouth. The questions remained in Gill's mind though.

Where was she? Why was she here? Who were they really? What are they going to do to her? Will she ever see the outside and her father again?

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