This was a dare by my friend, so she came up with the big idea behind this story
But please still let me know your honest opinions to this s

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The night in Detroit, Michigan was a dangerous time of day for anyone who was walking alone. Everyday crooks and gangs lurked the dark streets, waiting on their prey in an animalistic approach. Blood and pain didn't seem to bother them if the creatures of Detroit could get a hold of money or something even better.

None of the warnings about our beloved Detroit seemed to faze Gill Lloyd though. She was certain that her neighbors and father had just told her those things to create fear in her mind so she would behave herself instead of acting like a rebellious, unreliable, and reckless 15-year-old girl. So like the bold but foolish girl Gill was, she snuck out of her father's house in the graveyard hours of the night before a new day could begin, already dolled up in makeup and clothing to match the night feels.

The darkness didn't scare her, in fact Gill felt a sense of calming before the wave of adrenaline hit as she walked out of the safe community her father lived in and towards downtown where who knows what would be waiting for her in the shadows. If anything, the unknown seemed to welcome Gill. She never looked back; she just kept walking, her heels clicking along the dark pavement. Out of the corner of her eyes, she could see movements in the alleys and beady eyes following her strides. It brought a smirk to her young, freckled face. She found it amusing that whoever was watching her was just watching.

"So much for dangerous." Gill thought out loud, licking her glossed lips as she stopped under a street lamp.

A laugh from behind her erupted and Gill merely turned her head, furrowing her eyebrows as a young man resting in the shadows spoke, "You aren't from here are you?"

"How'd you guess?" Gill asked, her tone reflecting no interest at all to the unknown man.

"It's simple. Isn't it?" The young man replied, smirking with amusement, "Listen to your own attitude. No girl your age-"

"My age?" Gill interrupted, tossing her brown hair back over her right shoulder, "Listen bud, age doesn't have anything to do with the decision I made."

He snickered and stepped into the light slightly, revealing only half of his face. Gill took a notice quickly to what she could see. His strong but smooth jaw went along nicely with his dark rectangular eyes, but there was something about him that took all the comfort the darkness had given her suddenly away.

"What? Did you suddenly lose that safe sensation?" The young man taunted while a devilish expression crossed the part of his face that Gill could see.

She shook her head in response and lied through her teeth, knowing there was no way she was going to lose her poise over some guy that gave off an eerie feel, "Of course not."

He snickered and shrugged his shoulders before sinking back into the shadows causing Gill to not hear another peep out of him. She smiled and let out the breath she was holding in and sighed, "Finally, he's gone."

Relaxation took over through her mind and she stood there in the darkness of Detroit streets, alone, vulnerable, and words hot on her tongue. Before she closed her eyes to relax further though, a quick jolting shot went through her arm and out her other arm as she fell to the ground not feeling a thing. The world spun and spun and spun until she could no longer see the city lanterns.

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