Forget the World

Forget the World

The Song: Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol
Finley and Leyton have been best friends since birth and they know each other more than a person could know another. So what happens when Finley's heart is broken and Leyton comes knocking to find out what is wrong? Will he admit his feelings for her and could it turn a new page to an old story?

Chapter 1

Forget the World

She wasn’t moving. She wasn’t breathing. Finley Dawson laid there on the floor of her old tree house while sharp daggers pierced her heart. Did commitment and promises mean anything anymore? If they did, he would be here. He would’ve chased Finley when he saw her blonde hair whip around the corner. He would’ve caught up to her from behind and held her waist as she repeatedly hit him in the chest sobbing because she found his lips planted on someone else’s. He would try to explain that he only loved her and that girl meant nothing to him, but that wasn’t the case, not now at least. He broke her heart and she cursed at his existence in her head as Finley remained motionless.

Meanwhile, Leyton Oakley stood outside of the tree house entry debating whether or not he should give his best friend space or if he should see why she hadn’t answered his texts. He couldn’t help but worry and no one could blame him for doing so. Finley was a girl that hated making others hold concern for her and often did all she could to assure someone that she was alright. Tonight was different though, Leyton hadn’t heard anything from Finley since the early hours of the morning and that’s what brought him to her house in the first place. He didn’t have to go to the main entry and ask Finley’s parents where she was because Leyton knew Finley inside out, backwards and forward. He could read her better than a book.

That’s when it dawned on him and Leyton wasn’t going to wait another moment. He couldn’t and he didn’t. He opened the tree house door without a second thought and found his best friend lying on the ground with her blue eyes fixed on the roof.

“Knock knock” His voice whispered.

“Leyton…” Finley breathed out, her voice reflecting how weak she felt inside her body.

Walking over to her, Leyton laid down on the tree house floor and purred, “I knew you would be here. What’s wrong Fin?”

“My heart… it hurts.” She whimpered in response, her legs curling to the side.

Leyton could sense the pain she was feeling radiating off her. It was more than just summertime sadness. Leyton, seeming to know the right way to comfort his friend, reached forward and placed his hand on her shoulder, “What did Blake do?”

Finley looked over at Leyton’s grey eyes and started to sob. No words came out of the sobs, but Leyton felt what had happened at that instant. He scooted closer to her and whispered into Finley’s ear,

“Fin, he’s an idiot for doing that and he’s going to regret letting you go.”

She sniffled while Leyton continued, “We don’t need him. We’re like Batman and Robin remember? We do it ourselves.”

Finley nodded causing Leyton to ramble on, “Finley… this isn’t something that comes easy to me… but I need you to hear it even though this isn’t a good time.”

“No… please.. Ley.. don’t say it..” Finley whispered in plead, realizing what was on his mind.

“I can’t.” Leyton cooed, “I’ve held it in too long… and I know you’ve been hurt by these three words before, but Finley… I love you… you’re my best friend for a reason and I love your madness.”

Finley didn’t reply, she simply closed her eyes and curled up against Leyton, her shoulders shaking while she started to sob again. It was different this time though and slowly, she fell asleep crying. Leyton would stay awake, just lying there with her, stroking her hair as he held her in his arms. Together, there was something buried deep inside them, a little thing called love and that was the reason they could always forget the world as one.


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