Oh, Jennifer

Chapter 1

Oh, Jennifer

by: x_i_am_x
Dear father, I'm sorry I wasn't a better son,
And dear father, I'll soon be with mum.
Dear brother, I'm sorry, I did those awful things,
Oh, Freddie, I'm sorry about our nan's rings.
Dear sister, you are a piece of work but I love you,
And oh, Katie, I'm sorry I was a violent blue.
Dear sister, you raised me from the dirt,
Oh, Emma, I'll miss your boyfriend Kurt.
Oh darling Rain, I'm sorry, but daddy won't be around,
Oh sweetheart, you'll see me, underground.
And oh Mr Unborn, I'll miss not meeting my child,
And oh, sweetness, I kinda guess that you'll be wild.
And oh Jennifer, you are worth more than life itself,
I think I'm the worst, so I just take pictures of myself.
And no its not in vain,
You don't get my pain.
Oh Jennifer I wished to, spend my whole life by your side,
Another sweet rejection, well I'll take it in my stride.


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