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just so you know, this is because a lot of the group stories I'm in are practically dead so...

Chapter 2

The Authors

Sorry to all who didn't get in, I had 13 entries to choose only 5 from. Quite difficult, if I do say so myself. Every entry was awesome, and you should know that I not only choose from the quality of form and character, but also from how well I know the person, if I like their writing style, and if they've actually written stories.

We have a Leader, Second-In-Command, Doctor, Hunter, Voice of Reason and Tracker.

The writers listed below include me, HayleyFlynn_Rawr, dreamergirl, thisismyjam_socool, rocksrock and lilypotter101.


Name - Maria Carey
Nickname - Mary, but mostly just Maria
Age - 19
Gender - Female
Height - 5'3
Weight - 124 lbs
Appearance - Mid-back length, slightly wavy light ash-brown hair with a slight shimmer to it. Her eyes are small and ocean-blue, and lined in winged black eyeliner and a bit of shimmery brown eyeshadow. Her eyebrows are dark and thin and always not very arched but just above her eyes. Her nose has a long bridge but a short and rounded tip. Her lips are a pasty white-pink color and her cheekbones are high and rounded and her face is slightly round but with a strong jawline and a round chin. Her face is overall small and round with delicate features. Her skin is fair and slightly ashy and her build is petite and slim, with a flat chest but fairly wide hips. Overall, she is a very pretty girl with features that make her appear to be delicate and cold.
Personality - Maria is rather cold and independent. Though she is very independent, she also knows how to work with a group and is good at making decisions in tough situations. She is stubborn and often will not change her mind about something she feels very strongly about, but also is open minded if she thinks something will work better if it doesn't interfere with what she believes in. She is strong to her opinion and never afraid to fight, but she is also sensitive about some things.
Fairly Detailed Clothing - Maria wears a loose and flowing short cream-white tank top with wide straps and a spaghetti-strapped back. She also wears a short teal-denim jacket with large and wide buttons and black skinny jeans with silver buttons. Maria wears soft pale pink converses and silver dangly crescent moon earrings. For makeup, Maria uses black eyeliner, a little mascara, and a little brown eyeshadow.
Role In Group - Leader, also a good fighter
Home - She was born in Eastport, Maine but moved to New York City when she was 17.
Background - Maria worked at a large company that was attempting at making a car that runs on saltwater. She earned a lot of money from that job and was mainly a mechanic for the vehicles, as she knows her way around the wires and engine of a car. She also worked out a bunch of the physics issues with the cars, and contributed as much as the youngest working person there could. Nobody was nice or fair in the company, though, and she was always bothered or harassed by anyone older then her who thought she was stealing their job. She went on the cruise to 'see if different water from different parts of the ocean could make the cars run faster' but she was really just trying to get away from her job for a bit.
Love Interest - Kenneth
Other - She is pretty tomboyish

Name: Kenneth Vulcan - both his first name and his last name mean 'fire'.
Nickname: None. He prefers to be called Kenneth than anything else.
Age: 19 years old and almost three quarters.
Gender: Male
Height: 2'0
Weight: 150 lbs
Appearance: Kenneth has slightly messy black hair. He has an angular face and he has dark golden-brown eyes that makes him look like he's hiding something that nobody knows about. His height is average, but leaning towards the tall side. His black hair is golden-tipped, and his mouth is always lifted up at the corners in a half-smirk. He has generally handsome features, but there is a scar behind his neck that he doesn't really want to show anyone. He is both athletic and thin at the same time, and he always wears a casual and laid-back look on his face.
When he is angry, his eyes flash dangerously, which is enough for anybody to back away. Here is what Kenneth (generally looks like), just to give an idea
Personality: Kenneth is fiercely loyal and has a strong sense of justice. He would stand up and fight for even a stranger in the streets, as long as he believes that they are in the right. Kenneth can be strong and courageous sometimes, and he is usually one to speak out when nobody else would. He is known in his hometown as powerful, demanding and authoritative, but to his friends and family he is kind and caring. Although he can appear to be slightly arrogant sometimes, he has a strong conscience and he always can tell what's right from wrong. Kenneth doesn't really care much about the consequences waiting as long as he knows that what he does is right. Kenneth's dreams are to be in the army, but his parents refuse to let him. Although he is a great fighter, he doesn't fight unless it is required. Kenneth knows his limits and his rules, but he isn't afraid to cross them if he believes that it's for a good cause. He is a natural leader and he isn't afraid to take charge when he needs to. Most of the time, when he is given an order or instruction, he would complete it to the best of his ability, results as close to the original order as possible.
Fairly Detailed Clothing: Because Kenneth comes from a rich background, he wears expensive clothes. Kenneth wears a white collar shirt with a matching red tie. He wears a black leather belt with brown trousers, and black shoes. He is extremely classy when it comes to clothes and dressing, and he doesn't wear it unless it's of his class. His other favourite outfit is a black jacket and brown trousers, and he wears a matching gray trilby hat with a black rim that matches his polished black shoes.
Role In Group: Kenneth is the second-in-command to Maria, and they sometimes work together to make final decisions. He is also a good fighter, as he is a black belt in martial arts and he is great with weapons such as rifles and knives.
Background: Kenneth came from a rich and powerful family, the Wilsons. They were known all around Beverly Hills for having a lot of money and authority on their hands. His father would be running for president the following year, but he died on the cruise. Kenneth's parents are demanding, and they give Kenneth the best of everything possible, such as the best education, the best clothes, and the best luxury living. But because his family was powerful, they had a lot of enemies that hated them and wanted their money. Kenneth had been abducted by kidnappers once when he was thirteen years old, but he fought his way out and ran back to his family. Kenneth wasn't very close to his family. His father worked all day, never spending any time with him.
His mother would spend all day at the spa with a credit card. The way they showed their love and affection was through endless money and gifts. Although Kenneth had the best of everything, he still wasn't happy about the lack of attention he got from his family.
Home: Kenneth was born in Beverly Hills, California, and he stayed there until he was sixteen years old before moving to Washington DC.
Love interest: Maria Carey, if you would like to, that is. They are quite a good match.
Other: Kenneth makes sure that all his things are immaculate. He is a perfectionist who makes sure that everything he produces is of the best quality possible. He likes to set extremely high standards for himself and he would thrive to meet them. If something bad happens, he would always blame himself. Although Kenneth can be slightly cocky sometimes, he has a kind heart and he likes to donate to the poor. He taught maths for a year at an African village school when he was eighteen years old.

Name - Charley Kirk
Nickname - None, Charley is his real name, but people think it's his nickname.
Age - 20
Gender -M
Height - 6 foot
Weight - 147 lb
Appearance - He has deep set, grey-blue eyes, with long lashes. The shape of his face is more feminine, being angular and smooth. He has light toned skin and long straight black hair that reaches his shoulder blades. He's slim rather than athletic, but he's not weak. He has a calming 'fake' smile, and an 'icy' real smile. He usually ties his hair in a pony.
Personality - In front of strangers, acquaintances, or business partners he is the embodiment of a gentleman. He's that person who does his best to help someone. He's calm, collected, and kind. However, if a) you irritate him, or b) You really good friends with him: Then you'll see that he's manipulative, sarcastic, egotistical, and cunning. Though he does have some good qualities about him; he really is smart and kind, he just doesn't like to show the latter. When he's angry (or scheming) he can scare the bajeezers out of you, mostly because he gets calm-mad. He doesn't yell when he's mad.
Fairly Detailed Clothing - His usual attire is a slim fitting black suit coat, with matching dress pants. The dress shirt that he wears underneath it is freshly pressed and white. He wears a long red tie, and black dress shoes. The only adornments he keeps is a red rose in his suit coat pocket and a pocket watch/locket.
Role In Group: Doctor
Background - His mother and father own three large Hospital chains, with clinics all over the world. Everyone in his family have been doctors since 10 generations before him. So his father just expects him to become a doctor. Not that it would be hard for him to do. He's been around it so long and so much, that he could understand the lingo of doctors by the time he was five. He didn't officially start working until he was fifteen, but he was interning with his father by the age of ten. So most of his life has been in preparation to take on the role that his father is in now. He's a basically a child of business, and his family (like their last name) is well known in the field. He's never known want in his life, but he's never just been handed anything either. His father has made him work for everything he's ever gotten.
Home - He really doesn't have a home, but he isn't homeless. He's moved all over the world but his favorite places were Luxemburg, Luxemburg; Tokyo, Japan; Moscow, Russia; and Dallas, Texas.
Love Interest - Male or female character
Other: He's the kind of person who would notice something that could cause trouble, and keep it to himself just to amuse himself.

Name - Phoenix Ann Parker
Nickname - Nix or Ann
Age - 18
Gender - Female
Height - 5'7"
Weight - 183
Appearance - Nix has shoulder length midnight black hair. She always wears it down, sometimes with a black headband, but usually has nothing in it. Her eyes are somewhere between hazel and light brown. It depends on the way the light hits her face. Her face smooth and tan along with the rest of her body. She rarely wears makeup, but she does, it's a light touch, some foundation, black eyeliner that forms a wing at the end of eyes, light brown eye shadow and a pinkish red blush to bring out her cheeks.
Personality - She's sweet when she wants to be. But when someone makes her mad, she goes after them. She has learned to protect what she loves and go after the things she wants.
Fairly Detailed Clothing - She wears a knee length sun dress. The dress is sleeveless and has a purple flower pattern mixed with blue and green. She always wears a pair of black thong flip flops. She has a single pendant silver locket around her neck, when she opens it, there is a picture of her parents wedding photo and her as a baby. It was given to her at her high school graduation.
Role in Group - Hunter
Background - She is an Army brat. She has moved around so much, not really been able to make a lot of friends. She was born in Germany and lived there till she was 10 when her dad got transferred to California and she has lived there ever since. She grew up knowing two languages. She had to learn German to be able to talk to the natives there. She was homeschooled from Preschool up to high school when her dad decided to go into the reserves so they wouldn't have to move anymore and she could actually keep her friends. She went to a Public high school out in California and met her best friend Shannon there. It wasn't until she was out with other kids her age, that she realized that she was a lesbian. She was scared at first to tell her parents, but when she finally did, they accepted her just the way she was. She started to date Shannon, but they learned that is was better if they were just friends and they had been friends ever since. Nix's parents wanted to take her and Shannon on a cruise for their high school graduation.
Home - Born in Germany, lives in Sacramento, California.
Love Interest - A female character
Other - She doesn't let people in easily.

Name - Cecelia Miko
Nickname - Cece
Age - 17
Gender - Female
Height - 5'7
Weight - 135 lbs.
Appearance - Shoulder blade length light blonde hair with a very slight natural curl to it that can be seen near the ends and with shorter wispier hairs. Usually tied back in a loose pony tail. Dark, sea green eyes with hints of copper around the pupils. Pale lashes usually darkened by a coat of mascara, the only makeup she wears. Her complexion is quite pale and dotted with freckles. Her nose is long and widens quite a bit at the base, but keeps a fairly rounded tip. She has thick dark blonde eyebrows, and an oval shaped face with thick but chapped lips. She is unmuscled and weak in body structure, but has a tall, lean build.
Personality - Cece is very quiet and has trouble making herself heard, but when she does, those around her find what she has to say useful as she can provide insight into things by looking at them from different angles and seeing things for what they really are. She is very wise and often consulted by others for her advice and intelligence beyond her years. She grew up in a family of emergency room doctors, and is also quite skilled with healing. There are things, however, she doesn't know of- love for instance- that she's always longed for. She likes to sit out and observe rather than participate, and she doesn't work well in a team because she doesn't know how to interact with others very well. She's always been the type who doesn't have many friends, and is quite shy.
Role In Group - Voice of reason and backup doctor
Clothing- A short, pink and orange flowered skirt, black leggings and cheap, red rubber flip flops. A plain grey camisole covered in an open front short sleeved black sweater. A pink headband with a fake tulle flower. Plain diamond stud earrings and no other jewelry
Home - Albuquerque, NM- she moved from Madison, Wisconsin when she was eight.
Background- She lived with her mother and father in Madison, Wisconsin, until they were laid off from the hospital they worked at and had to move to New Mexico to find work. Cece had no problem with the move- she didn't exactly have friends there anyway- and started showing an interest in her parent's work at a young age. She listened carefully to what information she gleaned from them and always had aspirations to grow up to be just like them. She liked the idea of helping people, proving that there is more to her than the quiet soul everyone else sees. Her family goes on regular cruises in the summer, and it was going to be just another of their annual trips. Naturally, her parents died in the ship wreck, and she has vowed to carry on their noble work, for that's how she sees it.
Love Interest: Male or female character

Name - Sariya Nagasaki
Nickname - Sari
Age - 17
Gender - Female
Height - 5'1"
Weight - 105 LB.
Appearance - Sariya is thin and short, and has darker skin, due to the fact she is of Japanese origin. Her hair is dark brown, shoulder-length, with slight reddish highlights, and very straight, and she has long bangs down to her eyebrows. She has a birthmark on her arm shaped like a crescent moon, but it is not darker than her skin, it is lighter, and looks almost white and stands out. Her eyes are big and look slightly out of place on her small face, and are dark brown as well. She usually wears her hair in pig-tails, leaving her bangs in front, making her look like a five-year-old girl. Her ears are small and she tries to put her hair behind her ear (like a habit) but it always falls in front of her face again.
Personality - Sariya is, unlike what you would think, quite outspoken, but that is due to the fact that nobody really takes her seriously. She's loud when she wants to be, but she can be quiet enough that you don't even realise she's there. She's good at persuading people to do things with her "big brown eyes" puppy dog face trick, and quite immature and annoying sometimes. However, she's brave, and isn't afraid of taking the lead, and a good liar and has good ideas. She makes up a lot of good stories, and a natural storyteller, but sometimes her imagination gets the better of her. She likes to fit in, and doesn't like being the outsider, but sometimes she likes being alone.
Clothing - She wears a Japanese schoolgirl outfit: collared long-sleeve white shirt with navy blue stripes and a big bow at the top, and a blue skirt. For shoes she wears black flats, and blue stockings. Her hair ties for her pigtails have little pink kimono-fabric bows on them, and she wears a small red necklace of garnets shaped into a little flower. Her ears are not pierced.
Role in Group - Tracker, and sometimes Plan-Maker.
Background - Sariya was born in Sapporo, Japan with her twin Karina. However, Karina died shortly after birth, and Sariya and her family moved to Sendai when she was three. She began going to the local school at four years old, but didn't like her teachers nor the people there, so after she managed to flip a desk because she was so angry, her parents home schooled her. However, her mother died when Sariya was eleven, and her father didn't have time to homeschool her, so she went back to public school. After he graduated, her brother Hideaki schooled her, because Sariya disliked the people at school now more than the teachers. At fifteen she went back to school because Hideaki got a job and was too busy to teach her, and she made a friend, Temari. But when Temari moved she decided to take a break from everything, and that's what led to the cruise.
Home - Sendai, Japan
Love Interest - A boy or girl, either is fine
Other - She can have slight anger issues.


AWESOME! So many detailed characters, I just LOVE detailed characters!

So, for love interests, I was thinking Maria and Kenneth, Charley and Cece and Pheonix and Sariya. If anybody was thinking anything different, go ahead and comment! Title will be Build A Thousand Fires, so watch for that! Order will be random!

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