Group Story Sign Ups! AUTHORS CHOSEN!

just so you know, this is because a lot of the group stories I'm in are practically dead so...

Chapter 1


Six people go on a cruise, hoping to escape their lives at home, all trying to just relax on the oceans. Instead of a relaxing vacation, a sudden storm hits and the ship is knocked into the depths. Only the six passengers survive, and on the cost of being stranded on a desert island with no hope of rescue.


So pretty much it's a castaway/lost kinda story, except it'll have some crafty title like Build A Thousand Fires or something like that. Anyways, I'm hoping for of course 6 characters, and a spread out amount of boys and girls. I could be fun if every character has a love interest, and any amount of gay is fine. Either way, I'd like to have the three pairings, and I don't care if it's three boys and three girls in any pairing of two. So this story will pretty much track them on the boat for the first 6 chapters or so, and then have them be on the island. I would like for this story to stay less fantasy and more realistic, but who knows where it can go?


1. Have unique and detailed characters! I love that!
2. Have different characters from one another.
3. Realistic characters. Honestly, guys, nothing like wings or purple eyes.
4. No. Leather. Jackets.
5. Detailed forms. Please, I'm not going to accept someone who just says; 'brown hair, blue eyes, curvy body. Tan.' seriously, you need to be much more detailed in your forms. 'long, straight brown hair with a slight curl at the ends and near the ends of the long bangs. She has slightly slanted blue eyes that are far-set and have short lashes and always bags under them. Her large, straight nose is set in between her round cheeks and her skin is olive-tan, and her body is slightly curvy.' seriously, MUCH BETTER!
6. No freaking perfect characters! If I even SEE 'beautiful' or something close to that in the character description, I will look no further into your form! This isn't just appearance, either, I don't want any dramatically badass characters like seriously it's okay to have a tough character but no perfect fighting skills or using the "was in the army" excuse.
7. Just realistic everything, please.
8. That's it for now.


Name -
Nickname -
Age - (17-20)
Gender -
Height -
Weight - (realistic)
Appearance -
Personality -
Fairly Detailed Clothing -
Role In Group - (Leader, Cook, Doctor, Second-In-Command, Voice of Reason, Good Fighter, Tracker, etc.)
Background -
Home - Where they came from on the cruise, country or state or whatever.
Love Interest -
Other -


Name - Maria Carey
Nickname - Mary, but mostly just Maria
Age - 19
Gender - Female
Height - 5'3
Weight - 124 lbs
Appearance - Mid-back length, slightly wavy light ash-brown hair with a slight shimmer to it. Her eyes are small and ocean-blue, and lined in winged black eyeliner and a bit of shimmery brown eyeshadow. Her eyebrows are dark and thin and always not very arched but just above her eyes. Her nose has a long bridge but a short and rounded tip. Her lips are a pasty white-pink color and her cheekbones are high and rounded and her face is slightly round but with a strong jawline and a round chin. Her face is overall small and round with delicate features. Her skin is fair and slightly ashy and her build is petite and slim, with a flat chest but fairly wide hips. Overall, she is a very pretty girl with features that make her appear to be delicate and cold.
Personality - Maria is rather cold and independent. Though she is very independent, she also knows how to work with a group and is good at making decisions in tough situations. She is stubborn and often will not change her mind about something she feels very strongly about, but also is open minded if she thinks something will work better if it doesn't interfere with what she believes in. She is strong to her opinion and never afraid to fight, but she is also sensitive about some things.
Fairly Detailed Clothing - Maria wears a loose and flowing short cream-white tank top with wide straps and a spaghetti-strapped back. She also wears a short teal-denim jacket with large and wide buttons and black skinny jeans with silver buttons. Maria wears soft pale pink converses and silver dangly crescent moon earrings. For makeup, Maria uses black eyeliner, a little mascara, and a little brown eyeshadow.
Role In Group - Leader, also a good fighter
Home - She was born in Eastport, Maine but moved to New York City when she was 17.
Background - Maria worked at a large company that was attempting at making a car that runs on saltwater. She earned a lot of money from that job and was mainly a mechanic for the vehicles, as she knows her way around the wires and engine of a car. She also worked out a bunch of the physics issues with the cars, and contributed as much as the youngest working person there could. Nobody was nice or fair in the company, though, and she was always bothered or harassed by anyone older then her who thought she was stealing their job. She went on the cruise to 'see if different water from different parts of the ocean could make the cars run faster' but she was really just trying to get away from her job for a bit.
Love Interest - A male or female in the story
Other - She is pretty tomboyish

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