My Day to Day Diary (Poem Book)

My Day to Day Diary (Poem Book)

So this is going to be a book of poems where the structure is in the form of a diary entry. I really liked the last time I did this structure (
So here's a bunch of poems about emotions and thoughts and what not in 'Dear Diary" form.
Let me know your thoughts! Criticism shall be heard if you leave that so please, leave some.

Chapter 1


Dear Diary,

There's a piece of me missing
and I can feel it in my bones.

It's been that way since he left months ago
right after he took my heart
and kept it in his hand
even though we are lands apart.

He gave me warmth
especially when no one else could;
he was the only who knew how
because he understood.

So there's a piece of me missing
and it's left me washed up and cold.

I can't seem to wrap my head around any idea
not even about other's sadness
because he's the only thing in my mind
and the love I have for him is surely madness.

I'm distracted, that's a fact,
I'm empty, and that's another one,
he's apart of my soul ever since once upon a time
and now I wonder if he found someone else to call his hun.

So... you see... there's a piece of me missing
and I feel all out of control.



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