Hayley's Book of Rants ♥

Hello, Quibblonians! I know that ranting isn't really much of my thing, but I can't really hold it back anymore. Please forgive me if you find some parts offensive, and please know that I really have done my best to make them kinder and friendlier. I'm sorry if they can get quite annoying sometimes. A lot of things have been going on recently, and if I don't rant, I'm probably going to explode. I'm really, really sorry, but some things just have to be said. ~~ Hayley~ ♥

Chapter 1

Giving one-star ratings ♥

I know this is a topic that has caused a lot of disagreement recently, but I'm not saying that rating a story or quiz a one-star is bad in general. Before you start giving me disagreement, which I will always accept and consider, please read the following. Here are some circumstances when giving a story or quiz a one-star rating is fine and acceptable by most of the Quibblo community.

♥ Rating a story or quiz one-star because it lacks actual quality is fine.
♥ Rating a story or quiz one-star because you disagree with most is fine.
♥ Rating a story or quiz one-star because they offend you or somebody you know personally and directly is fine.

But, in these circumstances, giving a one-star rating is not very nice.

♥ Rating a story or quiz one-star because you dislike the creator in some way is not nice.
♥ Rating a story or quiz one-star because they express a different but unoffensive and unharmful idea to you is not nice.
♥ Rating a story or quiz one-star because you want to pull them down from something, such as a Quibblo contest or to stop them from being Featured Member, is definitely not nice.

There are circumstances where you can rate a quiz or story with a one-star. When you find a quiz or story that directly offends you or insults you, anyone would rate it a one-star if they were in your shoes. I understand you and I can totally relate to you if this happens. Rating a quiz or story with a one-star then is fine, and I would do the same if I were you.

But there are also circumstances where you cannot rate a quiz or story with a one-star. Here's a true story that happened to me. Earlier on this year, I was in the Valentines' Day Quibblo writing contest. Somebody voted my poem a one-star just to pull me down. At that time my poem was winning with the most reads and the most votes. Whoever it is that tried giving me a one-star rating, I forgive them, but it's just not nice to do that to someone. Yes, I do forgive you, but others may not, and just because I forgive you, it does not mean that you can go do it again and expect me not to care.

Rating people's creations a one-star can be mean sometimes. In some cases it's not, but in other cases it could offend the quiz or story creator or other people who enjoyed the creation. Here is where you can give a one-star.

Candi nd steph nd i went shoopin 2gther 4 dress's inparis.Candi gt a short tight neon green nd pik strappleds dres wif matching shoes. Steph got a long figre huggin sidles halternek red dres.I gt da drk blue dres in da pic. We went bac 2 england 2 skool and it was 4 so i went 2 detenoion . I changed in2 low cut ssethrogh white top wif disblac pattarn on it and skin tite white jeans nd white chacks. "Bamdi u r l8!"snap said nicley "hu gives a fmothaf uc "i say. "dont swear in front of teachers!

This is an extract from a story called Lovestruck that is, I am extremely sorry to say, of very poor quality. When you see a story like this, if you want to rate it with a one-star, then I won't disagree with you. Again, I might do the same, but if a story really lacks quality, then my best solution for you is to not rate it at all.

But sometimes, you have to look at the story too. Mostly from one look, you can tell whether a story is quality or not. One of my Quibblo friends wrote a story. She literally spent one and a half months on it. Her hard work went in there. When I messaged her, she would respond saying that she was busy writing her story. When it was finally published, I was shocked to see that she had been given a one-star rating. I wanted to know why, and then I saw a comment posted by another user saying that she rated all her stories a one-star because she was cyberbullying her. I asked my friend about it, and she told me that all she did was give a suggestion to maybe make her chapters longer next time. What. The. Hell. I mean, this went too far! Rating someone's work has nothing to do with personal liking and disliking. I mean, if I really dislike someone, and they came up with a quality piece of work, then I would rate them five-stars without a doubt. My friend's dream was to become an author and because of that one-star rating, she now completely gave up hope.

Here are some guidelines I limit myself to when rating stories and quizzes. You may disagree with them, but I am not trying to argue with you, and I have no interest in starting an argument. And I am NOT limiting you to doing the same thing. This is just what I do. I'm not forcing anyone to do anything. You can disagree with you like, but I would like to get my opinion out here. I'm really sorry if you find this offensive in any way. I give my sincere apologies.

♥ Never rate someone's stories or quizzes one-star unless they really, really lack quality.
♥ Never rate someone's stories or quizzes one-star if I can see that they have put a lot of effort into it. That would be really mean.
♥ Never rate someone's stories or quizzes one-star if they are in a competition. Sure, if it's really bad, then Quibblo probably won't choose it to win anyway. But giving them that one-star rating can really dent confidence, big-style.

Again, I'm really sorry if parts of this offended you. I didn't mean for this to offend anyone, and I'm not personally attacking anyone or aiming this at a particular person. And I am not trying to inflict my own opinions upon you forcefully. This is only what I think, and it's fine if you choose to disagree with me, because I know that there will be people out there who do. Thank you for reading this far! Tell me if any part of this offended you, and I won't hesitate to change it or take that part out. Thank you again!

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