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So, I did this as a question in one of my quizzes, and I've been pretty interested in this type of psychology since my mom did this exercise with me a little while ago. Basically, I can tell you much about your personality based on how you envision your perfect world made of three things: up in the mountains, down in the fields, and out into the world.

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Chapter 5

Is All of this Important?


Knowing where you are most comfortable—Up in the Mountains, Down in the Fields, Out in the World—helps you understand which part of yourself is strongest (logical, emotional, or business, respectively). Knowing this about yourself can help you in the way you approach things.

For example, my mother, who is almost entirely logical with no emotional and little business mind-frame, would rather approach something from a logical standpoint than an emotional one. If you gave her instructions that included phrases like "a little bit" or "until you feel like it", she would be frustrated, but instructions like "exactly this much" or "until exactly this time" are much more comfortable to her.

This isn't just for you, either. Knowing how other people think can go a long way. For example, a long time ago a woman's bulldog killed my mother's cat. My mom was furious, so she wrote the woman a letter explaining why she thought the dog shouldn't be allowed outside by itself. The letter was logical, like my mother, but the woman was almost entirely homey-hearthy, and she managed to brush off the letter.

So, instead, my mother wrote to this woman a long, emotional, gushing letter full of worry and concern about how the dog would be taken away if something like that happened again, and the woman understood this. That was how she thought; she could wrap her mind around emotion better than logic. She stopped letting her dog outside on its own.

Your social interactions can be a lot simpler with this mindset of knowing how the other person thinks. But sometimes it's hard to know how you think; your mind changes often, and so does your life. Your visual perfect world might transform, and you could become a different person. That's okay. It happens to everyone.

For me, I am mostly equal business, logic, and emotion. Some days I prefer to be Out in the World, and some days I retreat to my Mountain. Your mind isn't set in stone. Hopefully, though, you can understand it a little better now.

Disclaimer: This is an actual psychological practice, but I don't know what it's called. My mother taught it to me. If I got anything wrong, or am infringing any copyrighted information (somehow...) please let me know.

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