Your Perfect World - Psychology

So, I did this as a question in one of my quizzes, and I've been pretty interested in this type of psychology since my mom did this exercise with me a little while ago. Basically, I can tell you much about your personality based on how you envision your perfect world made of three things: up in the mountains, down in the fields, and out into the world.

Please comment, rate, and as always, enjoy! :D

Chapter 3

Down in the Fields

The fields symbolize what my mother calls the "homey-hearthy" self; the domestic part of you who loves to be home, the nurturing mother within you.

Take a second to look around your fields, and ask yourself, Do I like it here? Is it comfortable, do I feel safe? Are there people in my fields, or is there anything at all?

As an example, my fields were covered in tall, yellow grass and flowers the swayed in the wind. The sky was bright, cloudless blue, though it felt kind of foggy, and the trees that surrounded the field looked dark. There were no people, and I felt as if I could just fall asleep in the grass. I was quite comfortable here, and I felt very safe and sheltered; the dark trees could mean that I am afraid to leave this mothering part of me behind, and I would prefer to be taken care of in the grass. The flowers and blue sky could represent how much I like to look after people, and how good it makes me feel.

My mother, on the other hand, had a desolate field; she didn't like her homey-hearthy self, and she preferred to deal with people as a colleague, not a mother.

The fields can represent empathy and sympathy; do you feel warm here? Is this place very comfortable for you? If there are other people here, how do you feel about them? Do you know them? Would you look after them? All of these questions can answer how you deal with the more feelings-y situations, are opposed to logical situations.

Now it's time to travel again. We are going from the fields to Out into the World; how do you get there? Do you take a long time to travel, or is it instantaneous? For example, I hiked through the woods to get to my Out into the World, whereas my mother was transported there immediately. How you travel can signify how you feel about leaving one place and going to the other.

Now that you've travelled, take a moment to envision your Out in the World.

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