Human Skin

Chapter 1

Human Skin

by: x_i_am_x
I'm only human skin,
With a few bones,
Not much muscle,
Not much tone.
I have no human brain,
Just ADHD wired madness,
I have no conscience sometimes,
I got that summertime sadness.
I haven't quite evolved,
I'm still not wired to think,
I'm a walking reproduction,
Of something that shouldn't blink.
I'm an impulsive waste of space,
And I didn't deserve to know you,
I should never say 'ily',
Because you just don't think its true.
I've been thinking about,
Cutting the stupid thing,
At least it's save Jesus,
From giving me a purity ring.
I am just human skin,
A wave of broken homes.
I am a cancer for within,
A wave of broken bones.
I am just hair and teeth,
A vile excuse of man.
I want to see, underneath,
Hit me, with your frying pan.
Sorry, this caused it in the first place,
Sorry, I'm addicted to your face.
I'm human skin,
With just bones within.

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