Chapter 1


You don't understand, why I act like I do,
I'm trying to find a way, to explain it to you.
I'm sorry that I don't listen, when you tell me to be good,
I'm sorry you don't feel like, I've ever been enough.
I'll be, I'll be what you need or what you want,
I'll be, I'll be dead by the time these words die.
I'll be, I'll be in injection land, by the time you read this,
Press the golden button, release the golden lie.
Johnny's always running around, trying to find, certainty.

Don't let me go, I'll pray you'll forgive me,
Watch it fall on empty ears, in empty clouds.
Don't let me go, I'll pray that you will see,
My eyes before the wolves begin to gouge.
Cut short.


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