Love Never Ends

This is a story about two girls who find each other in a boarding school and end up falling in love.

Chapter 1

First Day - Penelope Rivers

Penelope looked around the hallway and then up at her mother, tears shown in her bright blue eyes. Her dad had just died in a terrible car accident and with her mom being a pilot, Penelope couldn't stay home alone all the time. Her mom opted to send her to boarding school, miles from their home, but since no one would be living there anymore, Mrs. Rivers sold the house and placed the money half of the money in a savings account for Penelope when she needed it and couldn't get a hold of her mom.

"Mom, please, I don't wanna be's to far from you and all my friends. I could have moved in with Alice, her parents said it was okay."

Patty Rivers turned to her daughter, her smiling fading softly as she gently wiped the tears from Penelope's soft cheeks, "I know you wanted to stay there honey, but you just couldn't. I'm gonna base my flights out of this city, that way when I have a few days off, I can come and see you. I will call you every night too."

Penelope kept her eyes on her mother. Her straight blonde hair hanging around her shoulders as she heard the headmistress walk up and greet her mom. She slowly turned to the woman, trying to hide her tear stained face. The woman standing before them wore a black dress suit and high heels. She had hazel eyes and brown hair in a tight bun. She shook Patty's hand and said, "Nice to finally meet you Mrs. Rivers, I'm Headmistress Peterson." She smiled a bit as she turned to Penelope and shook her hand before looking at Mrs. Rivers again, "Shall I give you two ladies the tour?"

"Yes please," Mrs. Rivers replied as the headmistress started walking down the hallway to her office. Mrs. Rivers followed her and Penelope behind them. Penelope's head hung as she followed them into the office and sat down next to her mom, in front of the headmistresses desk.

Penelope's hands danced in her lap as she looked down while her mom and the headmistress spoke. She wasn't listening to them, she didn't do it on purpose, she just didn't want to lose both of her parents. Once they stood and started walking out of the office, Penelope followed them, not paying attention to where they were walking. They went to the cafeteria, classes and even the room where Penelope would be staying. She had one roommate, who was in class since it was in the middle of the day.

Once the tour was over, they sat back in the headmistress office. Penelope was handed her room key and class schedule. Her stuff was already in her room. She was able to unpack and explore the campus the rest of the day. There was a map attached to her schedule. But the only thing she really wanted to do, was lay down on her bed and not do anything. She stood up after her mom and hugged her tightly.

"I'll see you later okay my dear?" Patty looked at Penelope and brushed a loose blonde strand before her ear as she kissed her forehead. Penelope closed her eyes as her mother's softly lips touched her forehead and she heard her say, "I love you Penelope, so much."

Penelope opened her eyes, looking at her mom, "I love you too mom. Call me when you can. I will miss you so much." She hugged her mom once more before pulling back and walking up the stairs to her room.

Once she was three floors up from the office, she sighed and walked down the hall, she found a little corner and slumped down in it. Her hands covering her face as she let the tears fall. She hated the fact that she wouldn't be able to see any of her parents anymore. It almost felt like her mom never wanted her because after the funeral, she sold the house and they were on a plane here. Penelope didn't even have time to grief over her dad's death. She wiped her eyes as she lifted her head, looking up at the ceiling, she whispered, "I wish you were here dad."

Slowly, she stood and again started to make her way to her room. It took her a while to find it again, she had gotten lost. She found all her things on her bed and started to put them where they belonged. She looked at the map and compared it to her schedule to see if she could find where were classes were. Once she found her classes on the map, she got up and walked down the stairs. She looked at the time, it was just barely noon. She was starving, so she walked down to the cafeteria.

She walked into the huge cafeteria and gasped at how many students there were. She stood in line to grab a tray. She walked around the cafeteria, holding her tray of meat loaf and a glass of water. She found a table in the back of the cafeteria, that was unoccupied and walked over to it, sitting down. She put in her headphones and turned up her music, not really wanting to talk to anyone. She hated being the new kid in school. Especially with her secret hanging over her head, that everyone mad fun of. Yes she was different, but at the same time, she wasn't. She is human, she is a lesbian. Everyone she ever met, didn't understand that. The only person who did, was her father. But she won't have that comfort anymore. She looked at her tray as tears filled her eyes once more, she didn't want to think about him like this. But she was now alone and had to face that. She sighed as she shoveled meat loaf into her mouth slowly, her eyes still lowered to the table.

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