ABC Repost

Haven't done this in a while. Hope you enjoy :)

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Chapter 1

ABC Repost

Available- Yup
Birthday: not putting that on here..
Crushing on: Maybe
Drink last had: Coffee
Easiest person to talk to: My friends! :D
Fav song: Currently? Jet Airliner- Steve Miller Band, Bad Girls-MKTO, All You Had To Do Was Stay- Taylor Swift, Everybody's Got Somebody But Me- Hunter Hayes
Giggling: Not currently
Hometown: Not putting that on here
In love with someone: No. But I'd like to be someday 💜
Killed someone: No...why would I?
Longest car ride: Consecutively- 14 hours Not consecutively- 16 hours
Milkshake flavor: Chocolate (or as I like to pronouce it, chalk- oh-laht-tey... not at the register though of course xD)
Number of siblings: One
One wish: That's hard... either my crush to give me his phone number or to have a date to homecoming in October
Person that called me last: Mom
Reason to smile: Friends, sports, food, other gender ;D
Song that I last sang: Come Back...Be Here by the Queen Taylor Swift
Time I woke up today: Well, workers were supposed to come @ nine this morning but they canceled, so I woke up at 8:50...but since they didn't come I slept for two more hours and then had breakfast
Underwear color: Uh...all you get to know is that it's not one solid colour. :0 (And personal much? Don't know why answered this...)
Vegetable: Carrots
Worst habit: Having a food craving
X-rays done: no? Not that I know of
Years living where I live: Seven
Zodiac sign: Scorpio baby! :D

Random questions:

Spell my name without vowels: Not doing that
Color I wear the most: Blue
Favorite thing to do: Playing tennis, reading, going to parties, going on Quibs (my nickname for Quibblo xD)
Favorite class in school: Social St. or L.A.
When do I go back to school: A month and nine days from now...and I'm already starting summer assignments b\c of how busy Imma be Dx
Am I dating anyone: Nope
Can I dance: Yup
Tie a cherry stem in my mouth: Nope
Whistle: Yup
Cross my eyes: Yup
Curl my tongue: Nope
Temperature outside: 69 deg. according to I'm living in one of those states where it was predicted to have a lot less than average hot early June it was in the 90s. For the past week or so it's barely scraped 85...if even
Cried over the opposite gender: I do not recall...
Do songs make me cry: If it reminds me of something sad... like Can't Smile Without You reminds me of my dead Grandpy and that makes me sad :'(
Height: 5'3" 🙌
Kissed someone: Nope. Kind of wish I have though...

Thanks for reading :D Repost?

Redid this on July 10th, 2015 🎷

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