Chapter 1

You are the most stunning human
I have ever laid eyes upon.
I never knew I could fall for a woman,
But I was so wrong, so wrong.

I yearn to spend endless hours watching
as your fingers glide over black and white
and I attempt to join in, singing
holding back giggles with all my might.

I will admit to loving others before you
but what I feel for you is unmatched by anyone.
I would carve your name into the bark of a yew,
encasing my love for years, plus one.

My poetry may seem a tad silly,
but you've always liked that.
I hope you never name your daughter Tilly,
because she would despise it like I sometimes despise a gnat.

On a more serious note,
I am aware that I cannot fix you.
But re-reading every poem about you I've wrote,
I fall deeper and deeper in love with you.

I wish I could fix you. I do.
I'm not a magician,
a flick of my wand won't fix you.
And I'm sorry for that. Again.


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