Four Guardians: Rise of Katherine

I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1


Long ago, the world was divided into four corners. North, West, East, and South. For each corner, one of four siblings was chosen to rule.

The first ruler was Diana, Queen of the North. She was given powers over Water. The second ruler was Ryan, King of the West. Ryan was given power over the Earth. The third was the Queen of the East, Piper, whom had the ability to manipulate the winds and weather. Last was the King of South, Ben. He was given manipulation over fire.

After several years of the siblings’ peaceful rule, another powerful force rose. An evil woman named Katherine, who had witch-like powers, made a threat against the siblings. She began building up an army of forces. There had always been less powerful forces, but only the bravest had taken on the siblings.

It was not until now that Katherine had an army big enough.

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