To Friends

Chapter 1

I would like to say, first off, I'm not a fan of spam.

I used to spam mailboxes a lot, but I'm trying not to that very often. The reason for this story is to tell my friends that I'll be leaving Quibblo forever.


I'm leaving for a month.

So basically forever.

Nah, just kidding. Seriously, though, my exams are coming up and so, I vow to myself that I will NOT log back into my Quibblo account...UNTIL my exams are over.

I'm going to try not to break that promise. So you can go to my profile page during my absence and look under my profile picture and it should say...

"Last Login: 30/4/2014."

And it should stay that way until...

"Last Login: 25/5/2014."

Yes, my exams will take that long. That's because my eight exams are being spread over the period of three weeks.

Don't ask.

So, I won't be logging in. Which means I won't be able to write stories or group story chapters during this period.

I will still read. Like, say, if one of the group stories I'm in posts a new chapter, I'll read, just to see how it's going, but I can't write until exams have passed.

That is all.

And the reason I sent out this spam story to tell my friends this is because I'm lazy to go about messaging the people who care.

So, to the people I've been messaging, and the people who know are my friends, this was a message for you.

Random people are welcome to read this, of course. I know, it's a great honor to read me.

~ AwesomeOK1

P.S. If you ever see something like "Last Login:" and the date is between 30/4 and 25/5, it means I broke my word so I give you permission to spam my profile comments with "YOU BROKE YOUR WORD!" so I pay the price for it. :)

See you all in a month!

whispers ...and they never suspected a thing...poor souls...


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