Popularity's End

This is kind of a selfish poem. The problem with bullies and mean girls is that they don't(or seem to not) feel any remorse for the things that they do. This is kind of saying, what if they did? What if for once, they felt the pain that they've caused?

Chapter 1

Popularity's End

You embrace the attention
Piled high in adoration
You flaunt your perfection
In every possible direction
When you look in the mirror
You always see her
The girl with no flaws
When you leave, you receive applause

What if that all went away
What if you no longer had it after today
What if you were left alone
What if you had to do things on your own
What you stopped to take a pause
When you’re taken into fate’s claws

What if there is no one to hear your cries for help
What if you scream until it turns into but a faint yelp
What if you missed all of them who adored
What if you knew what it felt like to be ignored


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