My Life of Time and Space

My Life of Time and Space

I know what your all thinking. Not another Doctor and Rose fanfiction!!! Well, I love The Doctor and Rose so bear with me!

Chapter 1


"How long does it take you to get ready?!" The Doctor said, knocking loudly on Rose's door.
"Just a minute" Ros ecalled back, opening the door. Her eyes were red from crying.
"Rose, what's the matter?" The Doctor asked.
Rose sniffed. "Just a nightmare" she replied
"Want to tell me about it?"
"Want me to...erm....look at it?" The Doctor asked, and after a nod from Rose he put his hands on either side of he rface.
It was horriable. Daleks had swarmed her house, and her mom lay dead in the corner. "Doctor save me!" Rose shouted, looking franticly for him. A Dalek approched her an dsaid "He-has-been-exter-minated!" And move daside, showing her my limp body. "No! I love him he can't just die!" Ros ehad screamed. Then she woke up.
The Doctor looked shocked, and Rose turned away blushing.
" that true?" He asked, walking over to her.
"Yes, and yeah, I know it's stupid. Just like I am" she mumbled.
"Do not call you self stupid" he said
"Doctor I am! It's not like I was an A student" she retorted.
"Don't call my best friend stupid" he said, and took a step forward.
It dawned on Rose that he felt the same way too, I guess she was to absorbed into concealing her own love for him, that she didn't notice how he always lit up when he was around her, or how he looked tenderly at he rwhen he thought she wasn't looking. "Doctor..." she said slightly confused. He nodded slightly, and feeling bold, leaned down and kissed her!
Rose was momentarily stunned, before inwardly smiling an dpulling away. Then the TARDIS lurched making the whooshing sound that usually ment they were taking off or landing. "We've landed" the Doctor said, grasping he rhand and leading her to the console. "We're in Washington" he said opening the door to reveal the busy city of Seattle. "Allons-y!" He said, with earne dhim a smack from Rose a sthey walked out.

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