What happens when a friend shares a tumblr post with you...and you're crazy people? Stories, that's what.

Chapter 1

The Details


^Thanks to that Tumblr post we now have a story.

For this story we need 8 writers (although six have already been selected). This is NOT a first come first serve story. Larastraw (who has helped me a great deal with this) and I will be reading some of your stories to see what you guys can do and if you're dedicated, then we will decided together if we think you're right for the story. (Please don't feel badly about this if you aren't selected, it doesn't mean that you're bad writers or that you couldn't contribute).

Now that that's been said. I present the plot!! drum roll

In the realm of Zaphelon, every so often when the land needs saving a pair of true lovers are born. They don't know that they are one of the pair until their 18th birthdays, when the first words of their true love are imprinted on their wrists. When the lovers find one another and the words are spoken the marks burn telling you you've found your one true love. However, finding your other half isn't always easy and when they are born they are needed to stop some terrible threat facing the people who live in the great realm. Because as we all know, true love is the most magical and powerful thing there is.

Due to the fact that a lot of this story has some pretty important key parts that need to be included the characters have already been created.

The Lovers:


TAKEN By: bored_chic1002 (2ndsemester_baby)

Name: Lillianne "Lilli" Valora

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Height: 5'6

Weight: 120 lbs

Appearance: Large violet blue eyes -almost the color of lilacs- thick black eyelashes and dainty eyebrows, a clear, pale complexion often graced with a slight blush, she has a thin long nose. Long raven black hair with a slight curl to it, falling to about the middle of her back. Curvaceous and lithe she is very beautiful and holds herself a little haughty. Head held high, shoulders back, hands folded in front of her.

Clothing: Dressed mainly in light blues and rich purples. Sturdy leather boots and a cape of heavy black material. A large bracelet covers much of her left wrist to cover up the words of her true love. A necklace of fine silver set with beautiful crystals is always around her neck and her hair is done with fine combs and clips.

Personality: Quiet and soft spoken she rarely raises her voice, but a deadly temper simmers under her calm exterior she is known to mutter things under her breath when she is upset. A love of books and learning she has spent much of her life in a great castle with a beautiful library, she comes across as a know it all. Kind -to most- she is much loved by the people of her kingdom, while a bit proud she is not above learning from her mistakes.

Weapon(s): A silver dagger set with amethyst that she hides in her boot. And a slight knowledge of archery.

Background: She was raised by the king and queen of a large well kept kingdom, when the marks/words showed up on her wrist the morning of her 18th birthday her parents began looking for the man who would be her true love. She became very sheltered and was very rarely allowed outside without a ladies maid or guard. She has been traveling for the past year to different kingdoms to find her true love.


TAKEN By: rocksrock (iluvreptiles)

Name: Bern Alden

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 200lbs

Appearance: shaggy hair to his shoulders that is constantly pulled back with a leather lace. He has thick eyebrows and dark lashes that shade his caramel coloured eyes upon his tanned face. A strong jawline and a straight nose.

Clothing: His regularly black clothes are usually caked with some mud. He has knee high black riding boots that are worn down from constant movement.

Personality: He likes to joke around and make fun of those around him without really caring about how that impacts people. He can be quiet rude, but once he realizes his wrong doings, he’ll try to make things right. He is a bit ill-tempered and violent, but would never intentionally hurt those he cares for. He will protect Grier with his life and push anyone out of the way if he has to.

Weapon(s): sword he had stolen from a knight who serves the King of the land. Bow and arrow and a small dagger.

Background: He came from a very poor family and one his parents died; he had to care for his little sister (three years younger). He had to resort to thievery in order to provide for him and his sister, and ever since he has been making a living off robbing high borns.

Lillianne's Companions



Name: Eithne Solveig

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Height: 5'0

Weight: 100

Appearance: Curly fiery red hair that flies out in every direction, it is often confined to tight braids but they rarely work. Small green eyes framed by thick reddish brown lashes sparkle with wit and sarcasm. A small mouth always has a smile on it and a pert turned up nose is always in your business. Very petite with small hands and feet make it easy for her to hide anywhere.

Clothing: Dark green dresses and thick well made leather boots with a traveling cape of dark brown. A simple talisman on a leather cord is always around her neck.

Personality: Witty and sarcastic, very nosy and intrusive likes to know what you're doing even when you'd rather be alone. A dangerously short fused temper she is liable to fly off the handle and start spewing rather unladylike words. Very sweet and kind she is always willing to listen to your problems but she tends to have a hard time keeping them to herself.

Weapon(s): Very talented at archery and carries a finely made bow and well crafted arrows.

Background: Daughter of cook for castle she found herself well liked by the king and queen and was often a companion for their daughter. As the girl grew older she needed someone both to talk to and to help her with everyday things and she became a ladies maid.


Name: Shamus Tibor

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Height: 5'11

Weight: 170 lbs

Appearance: Big brown eyes and slightly tan skin, dark brown hair that falls into his eyes and curls a little at the nape of his neck. Although very skinny much of his body is made up of muscle and he is quite capable of taking care of himself. Big broad hands and large feet making a little clumsy.

Clothing: Oversized white tunic, large baggy brown breeches held up by a broad leather belt. Large boots rather poorly made cover his feet and he has a large dark brown cloak that he wears constantly because he is always cold.

Personality: Somewhat shy he is often forgotten, however he has his bouts of wisdom beyond his years. Once he knows a person he loves to talk and is very smart. He is very good with animals and is a great tracker.

Weapon(s): Two throwing axes and a short sword.

Background: Raised in the woods outside of the large kingdom, his parents took him to be apprenticed to the main stable hand at the kings palace when he was 12 years old he has been there ever since.

Bern's Companions


TAKEN By: Larastraw (TheElephantMother)

Name: Grier Alden

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 120lbs

Appearance: long wavy hair that is always tied back in a braid, a fringe that covers her thin brown brows. Her eyes are a brown-green mixture and always seem to have a curious glint to them. She has the same jaw and nose shape as her brother does. Her skin is tanned as well
Clothing: She wears dark brown trousers and a green tunic with a belt around her middle to hold her dagger. She had thigh high black boots and a hood that her mother used to wear. She carried her arrows in a bag upon her back and her bow is always positioned either in her hand, or over her head and under her arm.

Personality: She is like her brother who likes to joke, but she isn’t rude about it. She helps all those who need it and will never say no to a new friendship. She is that happy kind that many admire, though she does understand the hardships of life and tries her best not to let it bring her down. She is a bit naïve when trusting people, but her brother helps to get her out of trouble.

Weapon(s): dagger and bow and arrows.

Background: She is Bern’s little sister. She doesn’t remember her parents, but Bern has told her that they were always loving and kind. She would do anything for her brother, even if that meant killing another person, which goes completely against her morals.


Name: Roark Vachel

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 220lbs

Appearance: short cropped blonde hair and big, bright blue eyes. Tanned skin and always a cheesy grin upon his face. He has a scar along the right side of his face from his eye to his jaw. He has a slightly crooked nose due to a previous break.

Clothing: Dressed head to toe in brown.

Personality: He is happy, most times, but has his bouts of depression like everyone else. He is very protective of Bern and when he swore to protect him, he meant it. He can be quiet serious at times, though, he knows how to take it easy.

Weapon(s): sword and dagger

Background: He used to be a knight, but was banished due to trying to right a wrong that wasn’t his to correct. He tried to bring to surface a taboo in the King’s court, but couldn’t before he was sent away. His wife and child died from the plague and ever since he has been traveling with Bern and Grier. He has a tattoo upon his wrist, due to meeting his true love, which says: “Please, don’t go on my behalf.” His power is telepathy – though he will not be able to delve into Dextra’s mind.

The Villains


TAKEN By: lilypotter101 (RegretNothing)

Name: Dextra Vachel

Gender: female

Age: 28

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 125lbs

Appearance: Long and tangled white blonde hair, green eyes and many small scars upon her face due to the aftermath of surviving the plague. She is quite beautiful despite all the scaring. Her facial features are strong and straight and her gaze always fierce.

Clothing: She wears long, flowing dresses of various colours.

Personality: She used to be the stereotypical wife who did the chores around their palace home while her husband was out patrolling the royal city. Now, she is quite delusional due to her loss of both her husband and child. She is manic, untrusting, abrasive and values family over all else.

Weapon(s): her power, some sword training from her husband.

Background: used to be Roark’s wife, but when she lost her child to the plague, her mind snapped and she had been stealing powers and whatnot in order to resurrect her daughter. But, due to her fragile mind state, she had been going about her grieving all wrong for many years. Her wrist tattoo reads: “Pardon me, m’lady.” Her power is absorption: meaning that she is able to suck out other powers or life energy and use them to her benefit, whether it is self defense, attack, or to work on resurrecting her child.


Name: Wolfstan

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Height: 6'2

Weight: 220 lbs

Appearance: Scared and pockmarked tan face, dark brown eyes with a slightly crazed light to them. A scraggly beard of dark brown hair and a thick tangled mane of the same color. Very strong and well built, and though his face is marked by scars you could tell he was once very handsome.

Clothing: A dirty, ripped tunic of a rusty red, covered by a leather jerkin and dark breeches, leather boots though finely made now beginning to fall apart.

Personality: Twisted and dark, though he knows that what he is doing is wrong he enjoys it (due to the curse) there is a very small part of him that fights the dark curse that he is under, intelligent and smart enough to figure things out. The curse twists his personality and makes things difficult for him.

Weapon(s): A large mace and morning star, the tips of the weapons are coated in a deadly poison. And his brute strength.

Background: Once a simple peasant farmer he was married and had a child, however, a very unfortunate turn of events left him stripped of his home and cursed by Dextra. Dextra's strong resemblance to the wife he lost to the plague (which Dextra and Roark failed to stop) led him to being tricked by her. His goodness was absorbed to make him a better henchman (but this does not make Dextra a better person). The real him is trapped deep down, but he can do nothing to break free.

All the girls are taken, please keep commenting despite this fact....this story is going be awesome.

Now that you have all made it to the end here's how it's going to work. Comment the character that you would like to be along with the title of the story that you would like us to read to see your skills, we will also look at your profile and various other things. I am work out plot points with Larastraw and there will be an authors place. Love is key here guys so there WILL be love interests. I'm sure you guys can figure out most of them.

If you get selected PLEASE, PLEASE beef up your character. You can add more to their personality. Make them your characters. Just try to keep the original points that have been listed here. I think that's all guys. I will be gone for 2 days and won't have internet so you have till then, once I get back I will be going through and evaluating everyone with Lara.

Good luck!



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