Original Group Story Sign Ups!

Look, I know I have had way to many sign ups lately...but I've wanted to do this idea for a while now. I want dedicated authors please. Hopefully this will be a good story that will become my first finished one...

Chapter 1

Read all of this CAREFULLY.

by: Pierced_
Four teens. Four talents. One mission. Only three will make it out alive.

Two teen girls and two teen boys have unexplainable inhumane talents. Some may say that they are super human, but there is nothing mystical about it. They were born this way.

Now, these four teens have been recruited from the government against their will, to conceal there abilities from reaching other countries, who will use their abilities for their own devious purposes. Now, in a very rural area, the center of a small town is a police station where these teens serve their purposes. The government sees them nothing more except human machines.

Then, something interesting happens.

In an area fifty miles away from the police location, the teens are called out with the police to investigate a mysterious homicide, only to find a message for them.

An unknown group is after these teens. And if they don't turn themselves over, they will kill every innocent person. One by one. It's a race against time to save innocent men, women, and children from this unknown villain, while each other's backs to make sure no one will die in vain. Who will die? Who will live? Who will fall into madness? But most importantly...will betrayal be the downfall of them all?

1. No bad a*ses. I don't even know why people create these types of characters.
2. No super powers such as control of the elements, telepathy, flying, etc. All "superpowers" must be realistic. If you need help, this might give you some ideas: http://listverse.com/2008/06/28/9-extraordinary-human-abilities/
3. No perfect appearances for the characters. I want them to each be DIFFERENT. Also, please no 'flawless skin', 'beautiful', 'thin and perfect figure'. Pretty is fine, but no beautiful. Because face it, nobody's perfect :)
4. Your chapter must be up within 1 week and 2 days. Simple.
5. If you do not write twice, I will not give you any warning. You will be out of the story. Sorry!
6. If you do not follow these instructions, I will not accept you no matter how good your character is.

Here is ze character form. I apologize if I sounded harsh in the rules, but I don't feel like taking any overly exaggerated issues from anyone :)

# = Optional

Name: (Include meaning. Ex: Alexander [Defender, protector])
Age: 15 (Sorry, has to be. No changes.)
Family: (No orphans.)
Talent/Gift: (Put some thought into this. Make is special to you.)
Weapon: (Max is two. Make it practical)
Strengths: (Max is 6)
Weaknesses/Fears: (At least 3)
#Love Interest:

Name: Madoka (Circle, flower) Patricia (Of noble birth) Rikurou
Nicknames: N/A
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: Pale mousy blonde hair that spirals in loose curls down to her lower back, very light blue eyes that appear hypnotizing with deeper blue flecks, pale skin with a few freckles on her body, small straight nose, thin naturally pink lips, long limbs, thin, slender, prominent hips, large chest, small hands and feet, 5' 2", 91 lbs., and has a long thin scar on the back of her left calf.
Personality: Intelligent, creative, quiet, likes to be/do tasks alone, loyal, modest, stubborn, bottles up her feelings, determined, extremely sensitive but doesn't dare show it, timid, and patient. When you first meet her, she might give off a cold and self-centered (even though she isn't) aura because you have to be friends with her (which is hard to accomplish) for a long while for her to open up. She also is very reluctant when trusting people.
Family: Alice (Mother), Mizuki (Father), Riley (Brother, 21), Richard "Richie" (Brother, 17), and Kyle "Ky" or "Kai" (Brother, 10).
History: Madoka had a happy, eventful childhood developing an unbreakable bond with her brothers and her parents had little to worry about. Then, everything changed the day after her eighth birthday. When her parents found out she had the ability of absolute pitch, they tried to treat her normally, but couldn't shake a feeling she was somehow different. Their suspicions were correct. A few weeks later, government officials came to their door and said they knew about Madoka's ability and was she no longer safe in a regular society. They ripped her away from her family against her parents' decision, and took her out of the state. After that, she has no choice but to be involved in a top secret government operation to use gifted children to the country's advantage. Ever since that day, she has never seen or heard from her family, which makes her depressed occasionally.
Talent/Gift: Absolute Pitch (Capable of identifying, memorizing, and reproducing a tone without needing a known reference. Similar to photographic memory, only it is memorized auditorily.)
Weapon: A small handgun that she keeps in a case on her belt, and a six-inch knife hidden in her boot for emergencies.
Strengths: Hearing/Auditory skills, flexibility, fast runner, thinking logically, math, and weapon accuracy.
Weaknesses/Fears: She's claustrophobic, and is afraid of being buried alive, death, everyone turning against her, loosing absolutely everything, and loss of lives at her expense. Also, she can't climb very well and can be very stubborn when it comes to people helping her. She's considered a "lone wolf".
Dreams/Temptations: She has a dream for family, since that came to an abrupt halt when she was eight. She also has a temptation for love, since she hasn't felt it towards anyone for years.
Love Interest: A male character TBD
Other: She loves music and can play various instruments. She results to music when she is frustrated or can't solve a problem.

So please sign up! Thanks you guys! :)


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